funny faces

 Ask any photographer, and they'll tell you that not every picture looks amazing. Ask any blogger and I bet she'll tell you she's got a stack of pictures on her harddrive that should never see the light of day. The ones that make her want to cry. Even if you aren't a blogger or a photographer, you know all about your embarrassing photos that you'll never show to anyone. 

Well, I'm showing you mine.

 This photo is from a few weeks ago when Allie and I did a shoot at SHSU. It was hot, we were both sweating and we were both exhausted. This was probably the last photo of the shoot when I was merely goofing off and singing. 
Back in January, Allie and I set up a make-shift studio with a bunch of bedsheets. We were testing out the lighting and the surroundings on a Saturday night. I was tired from the night before (Cotton Bowl!) and the National Championship for Division One had been that afternoon (bearkats lost). Tiredness = funny faces.
The next day when we did our real shoot, we busted out the hair dryer to experiment with wind-blown hair. The hot air got right in my eyes and I was laughing in pain as I threw my hands up to cover my eyes. 

So, now that I've shown you MY embarrassing photos, have you ever posted embarrassing bloopers of yourself?


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