College Apartment • Purple + Gold Chevron

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This year, my dorm room is black and white with pink. My comforter is called "Passport" from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's okay. I picked pink because I didn't want purple when purple is the enemy color here. Then I quickly realized that I didn't actually care if purple was the enemy color. I love the color purple. It's fun and feminine, but not over used for girls like pink is. 

I am glad that I had pink, black & white this past year, because I got to take a really cool design class and I spent months pouring over pinterest, looking at pretty pictures of color. A few months ago, I discovered So Shay. Shay is a bearkat (eat 'em up, kats!) and a full-time photographer living in Austin. Her blog is pink and gold and I remember the first time I saw it, I had design crush. The graphics just seem to totally pop on her blog. I love everything about it.

But, alas, pink is not my color, though I tried to make it. I'm a purple girl through and through. Next blog design will have purple in it. Then maybe I'll keep it up for a few months. Gold and Purple is officially my color crush. In fact, last weekend when I went to College Station with my aunt and mom, we went to The Home Depot and I picked up purple paint sample pages and Gold glitter paint. 

I am going to have so much fun this summer. 

Honestly, I can't wait to be able to make a lot of this and put it all together in August. 

I've got another theme that I'll be tying into it (one of those pictures is kind of a giveaway! Any ideas what it may be?) that I'll talk about next week, but for now, here's my inspiration for gold and purple! 

What are your favorite color combinations? 


Alicia said...

Red & black has always been my go to combination. Those were my high school colors though so I guess that's why. Aren't chevron patterns great? Even my husband likes them. I'm really digging the purple and gold.

LeeLee said...

I really like the color combinations you posted. I would have never thought these colors would go together, but they do. So pretty.

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