Two Hats, One Girl

Well, okay, I don't actually own any hats. That I know of. I hate hats because they give me horrible hat hair! But, that's not the point of this post. The point is...

I'm at a crossroad in life, and I didn't really realize it until the other night, I got an email from one of my co-workers at Entranced about hosting an author on my blog. The email was sent to my blog email. Of course, I was happy to help in whatever way I could, but what really struck me was when she emailed me again, apologizing because she hadn't realized I was the same Laura she worked with!

Which made me laugh. Are my personalities at work and on the blog so different that not even a last name like "Toeniskoetter" makes it obvious I'm the same person?

Naturally, I'm a happy, goofy girl. I make faces at people all the time, trying to get a laugh (I just get an eye roll from my mom). 

That picture is my cover photo on my facebook profile. I think it's an awesome photo. It shows that I'm not afraid to look a little stupid and that I enjoy life. 

Then there's this girl. 

This is the picture I use as my "author" picture. It looks nice and posed, and it's not too flashy or anything. It's the picture on my writing facebook page and my writing twitter account. Ever since I started the job at Entranced Publishing, my writing persona has been shoved front and center in my life.  For a long time now, I feel like I've been so focus on my blogging - growing it and nurturing it (it sounds like a garden!) that I've let the one thing that led me to blogging fall to the side.  I was the two sides of me to co-exist, but still stay separate from one another. 

I want them separate, but I still want people to know that while I may have different sides to me, there is only one me.

There's only one Laura. (Well, I mean, there's only one Laura Toeniskoetter. There's more than one Laura.)

At this point, I'm trying to play the balancing act of author and blogger. And well, it'll be interesting how that goes. 


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