good blogger, bad blogger

So, maybe I'm a bad blogger. I changed my layout for the second time this week. The other one got messed up and I just wanted to start new. I promise, this one is here to stay.

So, maybe I'm a bad blogger. I only posted three times this week, and one of those posts was almost at the end of the day and another one was written quickly on my phone during class.

So, I'm a bad blogger.

Know what?

I don't really care anymore.

I've already told you how I'm not a typical blogger. I don't have fancy pictures of what I wear all the time. One, my closet isn't big enough to feature everything I wear only once. I repeat outfits a lot. and two? Well, I don't really have the means to have someone do pictures of me all the time. Maybe next year I will. Or maybe after I graduate college. Or maybe I'll marry a man who doesn't know anything about photography, but he's still willing to take pictures of me for the sake of a little blog.

I don't do giveaways all the time. Sorry guys, but honestly, the blog isn't quite big enough to host giveaways yet. When I do, nothing ever happens. We gotta keep growing.

I try not to do depressing posts all the time. No one wants to read that sob story, I get it.

I'm only nineteen, I haven't gone through divorce, lost a parent, or anything super depressing like that. I mean, I've had depressing things happen, but not quite to those extremes.

I've only lived through so much. I'm young.

There's a lot of things I can't do that other bloggers can, whether it's because of lack of resources, or no money, or whatever it may be.

And if that makes me a bad blogger, so be it. At least I enjoy blogging. In fact, in the past few weeks, I've felt like a better blogger than ever before.

Blogging was this little hush-hush corner of my life, my parents raised eyebrows, rolled their eyes, and my sister was like "Why the heck does she blog?"

Then last week, I invited all these people on my facebook to like the howdy girl facebook page. And most of them did.

Which is nice because it's losing a lot of traffic. Stupid jerks that unlike pages.

The point is, I'm coming into my own about blogging, and it feels right.

So, maybe I'm not a good blogger.

Maybe I'm a bad blogger.

But I'm okay with that.


Anonymous said...

I'm completely addicted to changing my blog layout too! I just can't help myself! And I like that you're not a "typical blogger". I admire that about your blog (and have for the years I've been following you) because my blog has an identity crisis, I swear! It's always been about my writing and reading and I want to transition it to other things but I struggle on finding the perfect transition.

I think a bad blogger is a blogger who isn't true and honest to their audience. That's just my opinion about the definition :)

Anonymous said...

You're not a bad blogger. You're so devoted to it, you are a much better blogger than I am. Someday we'll have the resources to take over the world (or maybe just the blogosphere.) Keep at it! Proud of ya! <3

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't worry. I was in the same exact place, wanting to switch from writing and reading to everything. Some days I feel like I still get more attention when I talk about my books! but you can totally do it!

Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks girl. And i totally intend to take over the world some day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the definition of "bad blogger" is, but you definitely don't fit that description! I know what you mean, though. Most of the time I don't feel I'm blogging up to standard. I only blog 3-4 times a week, I get around to returning comments about once a month, and I'm probably not doing enough for my SEO or social media followings, but at the end of the day I accept that's me and that's where I'm at right now. I realize my content can't even compare to other blog reads, and it becomes more evident especially when these "favorite blogger superlative" link-ups start popping up (really... are we in high school again?), but if I can be blunt for a minute... "f--- it!" Blogging should be fun and not about people pleasing but about being inspired and learning from your own personal journey. When I get down on myself I think, "Just look how far you've come."

P.S. I really like your new layout - simple and pretty - perfect for spring! :)

Anonymous said...

I think the things that make people feel as if they're a "bad blogger" are the things that are the most real for them. They stick to their personality and don't let the fake "rules" of blogging overshadow their real intent. I love that about you and anyone else that deems their inability to follow the standards that don't even exist for blogging. It keeps things interesting, unique, and much less boring :)

Anonymous said...

You're so true on all of that. Link-ups are fun to discover new blogs and have people find your blogs, but honestly, I feel like a lot of times, that's just a day of quality blogging you've lost. I mean, I'll do a link-up every now and then, but most of the time, nah, I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your honesty. We only have what we have, be it our skills, resources, knowledge, so we have to work with that. Granted, we can be open to learning more and that's up to us. However, if we start comparing ourselves to bloggers who take better pictures or whatever it is they do better then we only hurt ourselves. We have to remember what we have to work with and whatever we don't, if we want to have it then we find ways. I really enjoy honest bloggers, as I consider myself one too, so thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to put it and so true. Personally I rather take the road less taken anyway because, like you said, it keeps it interesting and real.

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