catholic to the core // confirmation

Tenth grade, I was confirmed. In the Catholic Church, confirmation is kind of like accepting your faith yourself. Catholics are baptized as babies, which is seen as the parents agreeing to raise their baby as a good Catholic (sadly many don't anymore).

Confirmation is the baby, who's usually 16 at this point, standing up and saying "I'm making thins choice myself to continue my catholic faith." 

Confirmation was a crazy year. There were service hours to complete, interviews to conduct, and a retreat to attend. Then finally, after a long, crazy year, it was May. 

Confirmation is kind of like high school graduation. You've finished with the Sunday school education, but there's still so much to learn. Three years after, I'm still learning things about my face. 

The night of confirmation, my family went to church and I had to sit in the pew (something I never do because I sing in the choir) and listened to mass. There was over 140 kids being confirmed, so mass dragged on during the sacrament. Thankfully, I'd been stuck somewhere in the middle of the mix, so it kind of broke it up. My sponsor was another girl from the choir, so we passed the time by singing "Ubi Caritas" with the rest of the choir. We harmonized with the rest of the songs, causing people to look at us, but we had fun. 

In fact, the gathering song that night was a song that my sponsor, Michelle, and I grew up singing together, it's kind of "our song," so to sing it at confirmation was really special. 

Confirmation was one of the best things that happened to my spiritual life. Kind of like rebirth with oil. Amazing. 


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