catholic to the core // after confirmation

After you're confirmed in the Catholic faith, you've kind of "Graduated" from Sunday School. But that doesn't mean the journey is over. 

Many kids just go to mass for an hour, hour and a half on Sundays and call that good. 

But for whatever reason, just going to mass has never been enough for me. 

After eighth grade, I quit the children's choir to join the adult choir. I still sing in the adult choir when I go home to visit on the weekends. Singing is just something that really moves me. The past few times I've gone back home to sing with the choir, there have been times when the music we sing has completely moved me to tears. There's just such an overwhelming joy I get from singing. 

I also cantor. Cantoring is for the masses where there's no choir. A cantor leads the congregation in singing. I've been cantoring since I joined the adult choir in ninth grade. I go through phases where I love it and phases where I absolutely want to quit. It's just a process of life.

After I finished confirmation in tenth grade (like two months after I started this blog), I immediately knew what I was going to do with the time that had been spent in Sunday School classes. In the fall of junior year, I began teaching Faith Formation. I taught fifth grade with my former fifth grade teachers. They're a married couple and I love them. They'd totally be there for me if I needed them. I still see them every time I go back. 

I taught with them for two years: junior and senior years. I loved it, but sadly, I wasn't able to keep it going. Can't drive all the way home to teach every weekend. 

The two years after Confirmation were very important to my faith and I'm so glad to have had them.


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