Bloggin' From the Apps

So, I'm a teenager. I'm a blogger. I'm a publicist. My world literally revolves around the little apps on my phone. I use it to keep in touch with people, to promote my latest blog post, or maybe an author I'm promoting.

I've had many times when someone looked at my phone and asked me "why do you have that app?"

"Because I blog."

Yeah, lets put it this way.

Most teenagers think that's a really stupid answer.

But today, I'm going to show you some of the apps that I use most for my little blog here.

Bloggo - This app has been out for two weeks, but it's pretty nifty. It was made by Dana at Wonder Forest. At first, I was kind of skeptical of the idea of using an app to blog, mainly because the official blogger app sucks. Big time. But last week, I was in a rush, needing to do a post, and I had no computer. So I took the chance and opened up the app, and ten minutes later, I had a whole entire post, already up and ready on the blog. It's well designed, both on the eyes and the way it works. I will be using this post again.

Evernote - Okay, I use this app for everything. My notes for class, my notes for my books, my notes for work, my notes for anything, it'll be on Evernote. I write down blog ideas, and I love that it syncs with my evernote app on my Mac. Win.

Facebook Pages - This app is really nice for tracking stats for your facebook page. It also allows you to post and comment as your page. 

Twitter - I think twitter is pretty self-explanatory. Twitter is used to interact with other bloggers and to promote my posts. 

Google+ - I'm trying to get more active on Google+ because everyone says it's going to outpace Facebook, and I want to be there if it happens. I think I've opened this app twice. 

Just Unfollow - This is great for twitter. It shows you who follows you that you aren't following. It shows you who you follow that doesn't follow you. It shows people who've unfollowed you. If there's a stat about a follower on twitter, you've got it in this app.

Followers - Same general idea, but for instagram. 


Instagram - I love this app. So cool. I think everyone is on instagram, and I can't blame them!

VSCO Cam - I just got this app last week. I love it. The pictures are so clear and I love the editing selections! 

So, these are some of the apps I use when it comes to my blog. What apps do you use that I didn't mention?


Laura said...

Great post! I am not up on the apps, I so need to streamline all that stuff!

Laura said...

Awesome post! I agree that the original Blogger app is horrible so thanks for the new recommendations!

Laura said...

Go for it on Google+. I've been on Google plus since before it went public and I LOVE it. It's the fastest growing social network for a reason (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/03/google-plus-fastest-growing-social_n_917389.html). It's one reason why they got rid of Reader to focus even more on G+ and what they have done has blown Facebook away, if you ask me. But I'm also not a fan of Facebook as a company, so I'm a bit bias. Some people who are on Facebook and try out G+ do the "but my friends are on" or "this is too new for me" and never really try it. So if I can put that out there I'd say if you give it a chance to really try it out, their features (like Hangouts, for example, are a great tool), posting, checking out their communities and more. Also the G+ atmosphere is different from Facebook. Facebook is more about following and who is doing what. Google+ has some of that but it's more about connecting and especially connecting with people we don't know. More people talk on there to one another and share stuff that isn't just "I ate a bagel today." I highly recommend G+. :)

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