24 Hours of Pure Craziness

Due to some poor planning on when to have Spring Break, Allie and I had Spring Break different weeks. Major awfulness.

Thankfully, she took the time to come down to Huntsville and spend the night with me.

We did a photoshoot Monday on campus, and campus is just gorgeous, the flowers exploded over spring break and they're all bright and pink!

Monday night we went bowling with my other friend from school, and well, working at a bowling alley for a year and a half did nothing to help my game. Last place both games!

Tuesday, we woke up and took the hour and a half drive to Houston to do a little shopping at the Galleria. We've avid fans of the one in Dallas, so we had to go see the Houston one.

Gosh, that place is so confusing, what the heck is that shape supposed to be?! It's like a cross, but the cross doesn't add up on the floors! The Dallas one is just a big oval, I'll stick with that one! ha!

It was a lot of walking and a lot of listening to our poor wallets cry for mercy. Nah, it wasn't that bad. I got a few things, but mostly importantly, I got to spend good time with my best friend. Amazing how the few moments I get to spend with her always make the moments without her okay. I'm so blessed to have her in my life.

Yeah, we're weird, but it was amazing. 


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