My Major

I've said it several times, but I'm a mass communications major. What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things. My concentration is Public Relations and Advertising. Last month, I spent a week at an ad agency working with a bunch of creative people, and I absolutely loved it.

My dad was the one who originally suggested public relations, way back in ninth grade (We're always thinking ahead of the curve in my family). It was back when my biggest passion in life was theater. He said it would be a good job for me, writing and speaking publicly.

I brushed it off as a crazy idea.

And look now, four years later, here I am. Becoming a public relations gal.

I'm currently in three classes for my major. I've got a class specifically for public relations concentrations and it's pretty awesome.

I'm so excited for what my major is going to bring me!


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