Full Circle

First things first. This weekend, Allie and I realized it's been a full year since this happened:

The past few months, I've been struggling.
I'm in college, finances are tight. I managed to get lucky when I got a temporary job at the beginning of the semester. Emphasis on the "temporary" part. A week into the job, I got sick and missed two days of work. Combine that with the fact that hitting the sales tax button is beyond my skill level and that sealed the deal for temporary only. 

Ever since then (actually, way before then too), I've been praying. Looking. Searching. I was looking for a job to the point that I joined Monster, linkedin, snagajob, and a lot more. I was to the point that I was about to take online surveys to make a little cash. 

Then, by the grace of God himself, I saw this tweet. 

So, I took a leap of faith. Internship for Public Relations? I have one set up for advertising this summer, why not take the chance and dabble in the other end of my degree?

I've known Sharon for years now. We met way back in the inkpop days, so she's not just a total stranger. We discussed what I would need to do to apply for the internship and then she threw out the idea of me apply as a publicist. 

A day and a half later, I sent off my application for both the publicist job and the marketing internship. Later that night when I was asleep, I got a lovely little email offering the position of publicist and that morning I had a contract sitting in my inbox! 

It's amazing how all it took was one tweet to answer my prayers. I've been wanting to do something to get back in touch with the writing world and a job working in the publishing industry while getting experience in public relations? It was the perfect opportunity!

The job will be hard. Adding 17 hours of class will make it even harder. Trying to run a blog and write a book? Talk about borderline insanity.

But I'm excited. I can't wait to see where this goes! 


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