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I love to sing.

Like, I really love to sing.

I sing to itunes. I sing in the car. If I know the song, I'm singing.

So, this is how I got my start.

I was five years old the first time I auditioned for the Children's Choir at church. Joining the choir was voluntary and open to anyone, but getting a solo was something you had to audition for.

Needless to say, I choked. The guy who was running the choir was intimidating. Kevin Keil (love that man). And even though I did horribly while auditioning, that year I got hooked on performing.

I pretty much did the children's choir ever year after that until Kevin left. The year he left, I graduated to the adult choir.

While I was a choir member, I performed in the same play twice (my name is in a published play guys!), went to Oklahoma City to perform said play, and performed with the adult choir several times.

Junior year, there I was, ready to answer the call when there were no directors for the children's choir and I ended up co-directing.

Being in the children's choir pretty much set me on the path to do theater and music. For a while, my plan was to go to UNT and major in music (if you read my post Tuesday, you know how well that plan worked!). I spent a good part of my high school years on the stage, both at school and doing community theater.

Obviously, I no longer do theater, though I'd love to get back into it, but I still sing. I went home this past weekend and sang with the choir at church.

Over Christmas break, my friend from the children's choir and I went to go visit Kevin Keil and had to snap a picture.

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