in front of the camera.

a year ago.
The simple little smile. 
Taken with my iPhone. A little unsure of myself. A little unsure of my looks, of my smile, of my face.
A little unsure of everything. 

Two weeks ago. 
A little bigger. A little bit more sure. A whole lot more confidence. A a sassier hair style.

Last year, for once in my life, I took the time to come out from behind the camera and let it capture me. And I'll be honest. I became a tiny bit obsessed. Not just with standing in front of it, but holding it in my hands.

It was during my first shoot with Allie. When she saw the pictures I took, she insisted that she should return the favor the next day. And the next day, as we were in the car driving so she could take my photos, I got to hold the fancy camera.

It's a Canon. And I think I snapped about fifty or more photos in the two minute drive from her house to the creek.

And then when I got to finally see the pictures, I was hooked. I wanted a Canon. I loved the sound it made when I hit the button, the way the pictures were so clear compared to my old, beaten up Nikon. And the next time Allie asked if we could do photos, I insisted that she let me use her camera. And I've used it every time since to take pictures of her.

But I owe it to Allie. Up until she made me stand in that freezing cold creek water, I would never imagine I could look so amazing to a camera. I always lived with the philosophy of "if the mirror takes off ten pounds, the camera will add it back, plus another ten."

Over the year, I gained more and more confidence. It shows, every time I stand in front of the camera. Which, given that I'm a blogger, I seem to do it more than I really need to.

2012 was the year I became more comfortable in my own skin. Would I like to lose weight? Well, of course. I mean, that's a new year's resolution of mine. But, I'm comfortable (for the most part) with my body, that I'm not afraid to show it off now.

These photography sessions through out the year taught me how to dress better for shoots, poses that I absolutely love, what works and what doesn't. And they taught me to smile, because I'm the only person who's ever going to be me.


Amy Toeniskoetter said...

I love that bottom picture

Lindsey Sablowski said...

The last picture does look really great. Where were you in that one?

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

I think being a blogger kind of forces us to take pictures of ourselves! I was never really comfortable in front of the camera either, but I also found a love for being in front of and behind the camera in 2012. You should feel comfortable in your own skin no matter what - you're lovely! xo

Allison said...

You're beautiful!

Also, just wanted to let you know that you can stop following me at Life as Mrs Skinner and start following me at Texas Mrs: http://texasmrs.blogspot.com/ . I had to get a new blog due to my email address. Thanks!

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