Football Fanatic

Guys, I have a serious problem. And I have no idea where it came from.

You see, this past year, I've become a huge football fan. Like, not huge, but a fanatic. Ask my family, ask any of my friends at school, and they'll all tell you.

I'm that fan. The one who gets excited on every play.

Every. Single. Play.

I mean, look at this picture:

Yeah, that's what I look like all the time during football games. I promise. 

Friday night, I was lucky enough to go to the Cotton Bowl and watch the Aggies kick some Sooner ass. 

We were way at the very top of Cowboys Stadium. It was a great game, but sadly, my phone didn't want to let me take many pictures (I burned most of my battery during the forty-five minute wait to get through security).

But here's my view of the Cotton Bowl.

From a football fanatic.

Just in case you were wondering why I took a picture of this car, look. Just look.

It's got freaking eyelashes!

Took a picture of the video board because I liked the ampersand. Don't judge. 

Sam Houston State made the Cotton Bowl program! Four times! I was so excited! 

Saturday, the bearkats played in the Division One championship game against North Dakota State. We lost to them last year, so this was supposed to be the year we came back and got revenge.

Let's just say this.
Losing 39-13 is not revenge.


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