Dear Back...

Dear back, I'm sorry for the pain I'm putting you through by carrying a laptop, three spirals, and three textbooks up the giant hill.

Dear feet, tomorrow is Saturday. You'll get a break from constantly standing.

Dear bangs, I know I screwed you up, big time. Please be good and grow. Quickly.

Dear employers, I'd really like it if you made me a permanent employee. I like my job. A little too much to be temporary.

Dear seventeen hour semester, please, don't put me six feet under. Let's just go three feet under. I can sort of still breathe there.

Dear dystopian idea in my head, why? I have no time to write you at all.

Dear dorm room, pick yourself up. I have no energy to pick up myself.

Dear classmates, I know, I must be bad for missing the first day of class, but I swear! I had a legit reason. Don't judge.

Dear wallet, somehow, I managed to clean you up. Stay that way please. 

Dear readers, it's been a really long week. So here's to the weekend!


07 08 09 10
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