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Lately, I've found myself really listening to the lyrics in songs. I listen to my iPhone while I walk around campus, and honestly, I'm not one for quotes. People can rattle off quotes, I can rattle lyrics. So, I thought I'd share some of the ones that have really been sticking with me lately.

"Boys and buses got a lot in common

They both pick up speed

When you try to stop 'em
You could waste your breath
You could scream and cuss 'em
But there's no use chasing after
Boys and buses."
"Boys and Buses" - Hayden Panettiere singing as Juliette Barnes
"He's gonna change
When that sun up in the sky
Starts pouring rain
When the stars come out in the middle of the day
And the oceans turn to dust
Go on and pray
But there ain't no way
He's gonna change."
"He's Gonna Change" - Katie Armgier

"Just when I thought I'd made up my mind
He goes and does something right
Sometimes love it makes you blind
Wish it was as simple as black and white."
"Black and White" - Katie Armiger

"Yeah I've got some dents and bruises
I've been dropped and there's a scar
Where, my heart was broke before
But in the end
I'll worth a whole lot more
"Used" - Ashley Monroe
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"Sooner or later
You're gonna come around and you'll be sorry
When you figure out
That I was always everything that you needed
Sooner or later you're gonna wish you had me
Yeah, you're gonna wish you had me."
"Sooner or Later" - Michelle Branch
""Here lies the girl whose only crutch
Was loving one man just a little too much"
If you go before I do
I'm gonna tell the gravedigger that be better dig two.
Well, it won't be whiskey, it won't be meth,
It'll be your name on my last breath.
If divorce or death ever do us part,
The coroner will call it a broken heart."
"Better Dig Two" - The Band Perry
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Have you had any songs that have really struck home lately? 


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