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Well, for the few of you that may actually wonder what I'm sick with....

It's a dang sinus infection. I've got medicine now (yay friends with cars!) and I fully plan to go to class today. I've missed too much already this semester (and we haven't even had a full five day school week yet).

But, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is about my book, you know, The Assassin. The one I've been working on for five and a half years. At some point most people would give up, right? I haven't gotten that idea through my thick skull yet. Oh well.

Anyways, back in December, after months of suggesting the idea, I finally agreed with a former friend that the book would work wonderfully as a New Adult book.

For those of you scratching your heads going "New Adult?" I'm here to explain. New Adult is basically the bridge between young adult and adult. It's aimed at late teens, early twenties. Kind of like a college age genre. Abbi Glines, a wonderful lady I interviewed in 2011 here on the blog, is a new adult author.

And I guess I am now too. But, of course, the graphic designer in me decided that with this reinvention of the book, I needed a new pitch and a new cover. Not sure how much I like the cover now, but I recently did one a few months ago that I could still use.

But, wahla!

Born to be a special kind of agent, Cassie Dreandry has spent her life being the perfect little cover up for the United States government. Protocol might as well be her middle name, but after one mission that goes terribly wrong, Cassie must find the man who stole one of the biggest gems in the world.

Finding him isn’t the hard part; her interest in him is a mutual one. He’s got skills that only come from the agency, and soon Cassie realizes that this rouge agent who went solo could black mark her for life. It’s during a chance meeting with him that she becomes the target of an even more dangerous man.

Now, with a stalker on her tail, and a rouge agent trying to play the super hero, Cassie is framed for a string of murders contributed to someone simply known to the public as the Assassin. Banned from the agency while they investigate it, Cassie has one chance to prove that she’s innocent and find the killer. Without the resources of the agency, she’s forced to become a better agent than any agency could ever make. 

To read the first two chapters, click here. 


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