book boyfriends // jameson rook

Okay, in a nutshell, I could describe Jameson (better known as Jamie) Rook in two words.

Rick Castle.

*insert fan girl swoon*

Seriously, though. Jameson Rook is basically a carbon copy of Rick Castle. And Jamie's off and on girlfriend is based on Kate Beckett.

It's basically the show Castle in word form.

I'm currently reading the third book from the Nikki Heat series, Heat Rises, and so far, no Jamie. But, I think what makes me love him, besides the fact that he's just like Castle, is because he's a writer. I mean, it was kind of easy to know what he would do, because I'm such a fan of the TV show, but still.

I'd marry either Rook or Castle in a heartbeat.



sponsor spotlight//britt renee

since I Can barely type - I got fake nails for prom, I shall let you meet Britt Renee.

Tell us about yourself.

I am very energetic and bubbly. I love the entertainment industry, and I absolutely love dancing and singing. I am a Digital Design student, and I have an amazing boyfriend.
Tell us why you blog.
I blog for fun and love meeting others, especially people that have the same interests as me. Everyone I've met so far seems pretty cool.
If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be and why? 
I would love to meet so many celebrities but if I could only choose one person.... At the moment.... Neil Patrick Harris. I think he is hilarious on How I Met Your Mother, and seems like a pretty cool guy. He has an awesome singing voice, and I would love to sing with him. 
Favorite hobbies?
Spending time with my boyfriend (can that be considered a hobby? lol) graphic design, photography, blogging, dancing, singing, playing ultimate frisbee & swimming
If you could be any animal for a day, what would you be?
I think I would love to be a bottle nosed dolphin. I love the water and dolphins are pretty.
What’s your favorite day of the week?
Best book you ever read?
I'm not MUCH of a book reader, but I really enjoyed the Twilight books and The Hunger Games (the first book, I'm reading Catching Fire).
Any last thing you want to stick in?
I'm a friendly person and love meeting new people. I do also have a youtube account : )


getting personal

Dear _______,

This is getting ridiculous. Look, I'm sorry I made you mad with my actions, but trust me, they did you more good than harm. I'm sorry that you're mad, but be honest, can we please just get over this?

You're still one of my best friends, and I miss you.

I remember when my grandma died and you texted me that day. You told me even when you were mad, I would still always be one of your best friends.

What about now?

And we talked about seeing each other at graduation, part of me still wishes that could happen, but if I talked to you, you wouldn't even respond to me.

Or if you would, it wouldn't be pretty.

Look, I'm ready to put it in the past, I miss you. Even if you never talk to me again, I still pray for you everyday, and obviously those prayers are working because you're still here.

I know you'll never see this, but I guess a part of me hopes someone will figure out who this is supposed to be addressed to and tell you, since you seem to talk to all your other friends who helped your during your hard times, except me.

I still miss you, and you'll always mean so much to me.


inspire me tuesdays // shoes

Yes, ladies, today we're talking about shoes. A year ago, I never would have imagined that I would become a closet fashionista like I am now. While I still wear tennis shoes most of the time, I'm always drooling over the cutest pair of shoes.

My, how things can change.

So, enjoy some shoes.

If you have a link to pictures 3,5, or 6, please let me know. I found these on pinterest and the original source bounced back. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //


cleaning up the clutter // a blogging opinion

no book boyfriends today because I've read one book in the past month (I blame the upcoming AP tests for the lack of books being read) and I'm sick.

So, instead, I'm talking about the clutter in my life. And how I'm trying to get rid of it and why it won't let me.

Clutter comes in many shapes and forms. There's the clutter in my bedroom that I neglect everyday. You know, the physical clutter, but I'm pretty sure you guys know how to clean up the clutter (unless you're like me and just refuse to remember how).

There's the emotional clutter of the last weeks of senior year (six weeks exact until I walk the stage EEK!) Which I guess isn't clutter, but it's more excitement, anticipation and a tiny bit of stress.

Today, let's talk about blog clutter. The junk that we insist on having that we really don't need.

For instance.

Those links right up there are pretty pointless. 
One, the google+ link for a page that I'm not sure how to gain admin access to anymore.
Two, the follow @tennisketter on instagram button. Um, I've got a prettier instagram button further up the page, thank you very much.
Three, blog catalog, once again, never use it. 

And, honestly, I can say, I am not the only person who is guilty of this. I've noticed a lot of people who have unneeded widgets on their blogs. Who's really guilty of this? Book bloggers. Book bloggers have one gadget for every link they have it seems. I tend to do a mental facepalm when I see twenty widgets on one sidebar, plus another thirty on the next sidebar.

WOAH! Hold on guys! How many of those are really important?! Seriously? The less stuff on your sidebars, the better the blog looks overall. My go-to widgets are usually these:
  • about me
  • sponsors
  • social media
  • labels & archive
  • the book you are currently reading (this is optional)
  • and maybe one other thing you may want.
Seriously, you do not need a widget for every little thing. In fact, the less you have, the cleaner your blog looks, and your design in the first thing people see when they click on your link. You want to impress them with your pretty blog.

Face it guys, we're shallow. 

Also, since I haven't done this, if you'd like to sponsor swap for the month of May (when did it get so freaking close to May?!) email me at pensandacameralens[at]gmail[dot]com.

sick girl out.


thursday tactics // putting you into your book

guys, let's face it, in one way or another, we add ourselves into our books.

And, honestly, I think that's nothing to be ashamed of. I've read articles where people say it's egotistical to have autobiographical characters - I think it's total bull.

I mean, the only person you know !00% is yourself (and okay, maybe the characters camping out in your mind), so why would you not put a part of yourself in a book? It's your little mark in the book, a glimpse to your readers where you're coming from.

For instance, take Cassie. She started pretty much as an autobiographical character, personality wise. Appance wise, she changed hair color and height every day.

So, then, in order to remember what on earth she looked like. I made her look like me.

And no, I do not look like this most days, so don't picture Cassie looking like this. At least not in the early books (maybe in the later books, but that's another topic for another time!) I mean, we can't all look that fabulous all the time, now can we? (even I know some people who try.)

In the early books, Cassie (and myself) look more like this. Yeah, except my hair NEVER actually looks this good.

Ah, the wonder of modern technology.
Told you my hair doesn't always look so fabulous!
But, not only does Cass look like me, she's got similiar quarks to mine. For instance.

  • We both like to fancy ourselves as redheads (even when others tell us not)
  • We both have a fear of flying/heights 
  • We both have a fear of thunderstorms
And, especially later in the series, a lot of things that have happened to me (especially senior year) will happen to Cassie because that's what I know. I know the feeling of suffering from a stupid thyroid disease (don't panic! It's not as bad as it sounds), I know the joys and pains of being a party host, I know the feeling of wanting to just graduate and be done with it all.

Cassie the person is a lot like me and that's why I love her so much. She's just enough of me, but a little bit more spunk and she's a lot less fearful of things than I am.

But, honestly, if it weren't for me, I'd have no one to base Cassie on.

Oh, wow, that does sound pretty egotistical. 



book boyfriends // diesel

This week's boyfriend: Diesel

No joke, that's his name.

He was originally a character in the Stephanie Plum books, only appearing in the "in-between" novellas (which I have not read), but in 2010, Diesel got his own book series, The Unmentionables. 

Like I said, no joke, that's the series name, or well, I guess the official term is the Diesel and Tucker series, but that's boring.

In the new series, Diesel meets this baker named Lizzy (she narrates the story) and they have to find all these stones, each represent one of the seven deadly sins. The first book is basically Janet Evanovich's normal formula of some sexy moments, but mostly just "what the hell is she thinking?" moments.

He's described as a beach bum, with a really good body with a reputation with not being the smartest guy around, but when it comes to getting the job done, he gets it done. He's the guy who stands up to the challenge when he needs to, and he's not afraid to take the bullet to protect someone else.

While I wouldn't put him at the top of my list of book boyfriends, he's one of those guys that you just have to like. So, read the books (well, the book, the second one comes out in June.) Wicked Appetite 



cover reveal // the assassin

Cassie Dreandry knows from personal experience that being an assassin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At sixteen, Cassie lives a double life of days in high school and nights working for the government, killing international criminals under the alias of the Assassin.

After a planned murder goes wrong, Cassie begins to receive strange letters and a blond man starts following her around town. As the letters become more and more threatening, Cassie realizes that the notes are from her biological father, a man who left her life when he went to jail for the death of her mother. Now, he’s back, and he won’t miss his opportunity to kill her like he did sixteen years ago.

Once the she puts the pieces together, Cassie’s adopted father, Joe, has gone missing and all the signs point to her biological father. Cassie must find both of her fathers to save one and stop the other, but that could mean sacrificing her own life.


the big FAQ - where can I read your book?

I feel like I get this question more than anything else, so I finally decided to let you guys know.

I'm going through the editing stages, so keep in mind that it's a tad bit rough right now, but please just bare with me.

Click the picture to go read what I've got so far.


inspire me tuesdays // hair

I have really boring hair.
No joke.

This is my hair right now.

I love looking on pinterest at the different types of styles you can pull off with your hair. When it's long.

I can't wait until I have long hair again so I can do things like this...

I wanna do something like that for prom. ^^

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 

(4&5 gave me bad links. If you know where the credit goes to these pictures, please let me know!) 


book boyfriends // michael Moscovitz + your own book boyfriend (linking up)

Michael Moscovitz, oh, I've forgotten how adorable you are.

Just a recap, Michael is from Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries series. He's Mia's boyfriend (for part of the series) and he's also the older brother of Lily (who happens to be Mia's best friend). Come on, you guys at least saw the movie, right?!

Yeah, well, the movie didn't get it right. In the movie, Mia and Michael are just friends.

Poor Michael never got the credit he deserved. In the books, he and Mia date for most of the series, but, he's in college, and super smart. Like, genius smart. In one of the later books, he receives an offer to go to Japan and build a robot that'll perform heart surgery.

Much to Mia's dismay, he goes, because he believes it'll prove to people that he really is worthy of being with Mia. (The media likes to play what if with Mia and Prince William).

This leads to a really big argument between the two, and they break up, and they aren't able to fix things before Michael leaves for Japan.

Before Michael leaves for Japan, I always thought he was okay.

And, in the last book, he came back, and OH BOY.

It was love at first sight. At least first sight in the book. And, I love the dynamic between Mia and Michael in the very last book. Awkward, but Michael is so determined not to let the awkwardness get between them, even if she has a boyfriend.

Michael is way cooler than any teenage guy I know, just saying.

And that is why I love him.

Oooh! Starting this week, you can link up with me and write about your own book boyfriends. Just paste the button in your post, and then, add your post link to the bottom here so everyone else can read about your book boyfriend. These link ups are one of the great things about blogging, connecting with people who blog about things just like you!



portfolio post // comfort books

Just finished a new design for Paige over at Comfort Books


keeping up with the socializing

Bare with me, I've never written a post like this before, so this could be rough for all of us, okay?

Today, I'm going to talk about social media and how it can be a great tool to get yourself out there, whether you're promoting your blog or promoting a book or anything. These are all just based purely on my personal experience.

1. Twitter! Twitter is probably the greatest invention ever (okay, not the greatest, but it's pretty high up there). Seriously, you can follow people you know, people you wish you knew, and people you don't want to know (not that you would, but it's still a possibility!) Twitter is great for getting messages out about blog posts. There are a number of services, like Networked Blogs, that automatically tweet on your behalf every time you post a blog post, so you don't have to worry about it.

Or, if you aren't into blogging, but you want to get your book out, you can post links to where people can read it.

2. Facebok. It's no duh that these are the top two for social media, but here's why facebook comes in at number two. It's a little more personal, since I'm actually friends with people I go to school with on there (seriously, when am I going to stop finding people from school on twitter?! It's weird!) If you've got a blog, Networked Blogs also pushes blog posts to your facebook account, or if you've got a page for your blog, you can do that too! Facebook is also great to find writing groups if you're looking for someone to read your stuff.

3. bloglovin. another blog site, it's kind of cool how you can follow blog posts. I follow so many blogs on blogger, it's kind of nice to follow, like, ten on bloglovin.

4. hellocotton - it's the same basic idea of bloglovin, but it looks cuter and I like the organization better. It's cool because you have a profile page, not just your blog. And you can see who you're following and see who's following you, it's really a neat little tool.

When it comes to your blog, what social media do you use to promote your blog?


life according to my iphone

1: After a day filled with rain and tornadoes, the sun paid a visit to us and created a beautiful sunset.
2: Sunday morning saw my warrior sandals (they look like the shoes gladiators wore - just cuter) and new toe nail polish!
3: Sitting in class, we were put under a tornado watch Tuesday morning.
4: We placed with skittles Monday in Stats Class.
5: Friday, during stats class, we played with M&Ms, and I used the orange and blue ones to make a "S" and "H" for Sam Houston!
6: Working in the book room at school yesterday, you could see to the other end of the shelves, it was little tunnel.
7: Went shopping with my mom, got the dress.
8: Also go the shirt!


thursday tactics // the series

Book series are the best. No joke. To be able to take a ride with the same characters for multiple books is pretty awesome. All my favorite books are a part of a series.

Series are fun for the reader but they can be such a pain for a writer. Writers spend way more time with the characters than the readers do. For instance, Cassie Dreandry, the protagonist of The Assassin moved into my brain way back in eighth grade and she has no plans to move anytime soon. In the past four (almost five!) years, she's brought many friends along for the ride too.

Almost five years! And I'm still not published. It'll probably be at least another fifteen years before I finish her story (providing that I actually get all ten books published).

So as authors why do we do it? Get ourselves tied to a set of characters for years on end with no chance of escape?

I think we get attached. Especially as aspiring authors who are trying to become bestsellers. Because, admit it, anyone who wants to be published would love to see their book have that kind of success even if they won't admit it. Wouldn't it be great to have that?

When we first start out, like when I got my big break on inkpop, it was exciting to be able to check inkpop and see people who wanted to read more and who wanted to know what happened next. I thrived on it. And that was just with a few people, can you imagine if a large readership hung on what happened? To be Stephenie Meyer (just go with the example!) after Eclipse came out and everyone was excited for the wedding that was going to happen?

As authors, I think we get ourselves involved into these series because we love having people grow attached to the characters. In the later books of The Assassin series, Cassie goes through some pretty rough times, and I know it'll be hard to write some of those scenes because they'll be so emotional. I hope that when I do write them, I'll be able to write them in a way that even someone who's never had those things happen to them experience the pain and really feel the emotion.

I want people to be emotionally attached to my characters, not as much as I am, I mean, they aren't camped out in y'all's brains, but pretty close.

If you write series, why did you get invested into a book series and not a stand-alone?


just a busy day for the radar

well, by now, you probably all know that I live in the DFW area (that's Dallas-Fort Worth, for everyone who doesn't know).

And, based on the fact that MSNBC and CNN are covering this, you've probably heard about the tornado outbreak going on here.

Let me just say, my family and I are fine. Nothing bad happened to us. There's been a lot of damage in the metroplex, but no serious injuries that I know of (there was a minor one at a retirement center in Dallas). But, since you know my fasicantion with storms, I thought I'd share the pictures from the radar I took on my phone, and go through the day.

Let's start at this morning. When I looked up the radar on my phone, there were some severe thunderstorms out west, and I stole a snapshot on my phone of this one because it looked like a deformed arrow. XD

And then in stats class, the phone went nuts. Literally. First came the tornado watch, as shown above (and we're still under it).

I'm the blue target thing up there. This was when the first tornado warning was posted and I was going "uh, that storm is headed right for us."
No one believed me.
And eventually it was upgraded to a tornado EMERGENCY!
No joke. I get twitter updates from meteorologists sent as text messages, I got about fifteen all at once from different meteorologists freaking out about the tornado emergency.
And then at the same time, there was one in Dallas county. Another emergency.

Guys, that has never happened. Two separate tornado emergencies in the two biggest counties in the Metroplex? Nutso.

Once again, I'm the blue dot. The red line is the northern extent of the tornado warning, and the county line. This was five minutes before I got out of school.

Look how much can change in about twenty minutes. We've got another tornado warning right near us plus the one south of us. 
I was at sonic waiting for my drink while this was happening. Listening to the sirens go off. 

 Here are some clouds of the storm after it moved east. We got lucky with no tornado in our immediant area. Other places weren't so lucky, in fact, there's a tornado right now and I just saw that there are reports of houses being totally leveled out east.

Yeah, it's tornado season in Texas, what can I say?


a war between me and I

I'm a mess. I'll be the first to admit it, but lately, I feel like I've been more of a mess. And it's all because of college. Seriously, senioritis is in full swing, I feel like going to school is a joke and my phone is counting down the day until graduation (63, by the way).

But, while I'm anxious to get the heck out of high school and start a new part in my life, I'm scared too. My two best friends are going to college together and are going to be roommates, and I know no one who's going to Sam Houston State with me. It's a little nerve-wrecking to think that the week I graduate, I have freshman orientation, and then in August I have Bearkat camp, which is spirit week.

The thing that gets me in the gut is the term "you'll make so many new friends!"

Um, do I get a refund on that when it doesn't happen?

I'm anti-social. Seriously, anti-social doesn't mean you're a loner and you hate people, it means you have apprehension about meeting knew people and prefer small groups to big groups.

aka, me.

And it probably doesn't hurt that I had a bad day at work yesterday, but right now I'm in a "f**k people" mood.

I blame that part on the PMS-y hormones.

I'm kind of just ready for this summer to be done so I can start on college already, I'm tired of waiting, of the excitement and the anxiety.

And, I swear, this blog will be a gazillion times more exciting with more on my life once I get to college.

Because of right now, it can be summed up into three things:

school, church, work.

Redhead out!

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