summertime.... well, not exactly

seriously guys, it feels like summer.

Don't believe me? It's 79 degrees outside right now.

So, it's early summer.

Even though spring just started, like, a week ago. Good job Mother Nature.

Oh, you might have also noticed something different around here....

No, you, you didn't?

Well, if you haven't, I really can't help you. You're beyond me

But, in case you have, the arrow between the words?

Total tribute to The Hunger Games.

Which I am going to go see again tomorrow.

That's all I've got


I finally finished reading my hard copy of TA, which means the real edits begin.

After voice lessons. BYE!


book boyfriends // peeta

So, I am (still) re-reading The Hunger Games. Yeah, I've been pretty slow lately at reading, it's not my fault. I worked almost 20 hours over the weekend.

But, let me just say.


Like, seriously, this movie just reconfirmed my love for Peeta which is totally weird since he's kind of a pansy and I never fall for the pansy.

Let me explain.

Since in the first book (THG), Katniss spends most of her time in the arena with Peeta, you really get to know him personally, and by the end of the first book, I was totally crushing on him.

So by the time it became Gale's turn later on in the series to take a chance at Katniss, it was too late. I was devouring the pages, probably looking for Peeta.

In fact, not even probably, I know I was looking for Peeta in those pages.

And honestly, I'm not even sure why I like Peeta, he's not the typical guy that I'd ever like in a book, I just do!

But, since I'm in the middle of the book re-reads, I'm going to stop there, because quite honestly, I'm pretty fuzzy on the details of everything.

But just for giggles....


thursday tactics // bookshelf to big screen

So, since we all know what's coming out tomorrow (already have my tickets!), today we're going to talk about movie adaptions of books.

It happens to all the major books series, Harry Potter, Twilight, and now....

I'm actually re-reading the first book before I go and see the movie tomorrow night, and can I just say, I'm a bit too excited for this?

Seriously, it's going to be amazing.

But that leads me to the point.

How true to the books should movies be?

For instance, movies like the Twilight Saga have been very true to the books, not taking any plots twists or anything. I mean, think about the uproar from Team Edward if at the very last minute Bella chooses Jacob in the movies. Wouldn't that be a field day for us who are neither? (When people ask me what team I am, I always tell them I'm either "Team single and independent woman who doesn't need a vampire" or "Team I write my own hot male characters, I don't need those."


But, then again, there are movies like The Other Boleyn Girl that have almost nothing in common with the book. So, do we want it to be as precise to the book as possible or do we want them to take liberties with turning our beloved stories into movies?

What's your thoughts?

Also, if you can't tell, I'm basically a dry well when it comes to ideas for thursday tactics. So, if you've got a topic related to writing that you want me to talk about, tell me!

And, I just realized, this whole entire time, I've been spelling "tactic" wrong.

Oh jeez.


inspire me tuesdays // earrings

Oh my goodness.

I love, love, love earrings.

Here are some I'd die to have.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


book boyfriends // jack ramirez

look what's back! Yay!

So, first one now that it's back. Jack Ramirez, he's an LA dective in the High Heel Mysteries. Yes, that does say "high heel" and "mysteries."

The series is a bit like the Stephanie Plum books, more on the comics than the actual mystery. The main character is Maddie Springer, a children's shoe designer.

In the fist book, Maddie's boyfriend goes missing because he's tied up in some not too legal stuff and bad people, and Jack is investigating the case so the police can send those bad people to jail. (I sound like a freaking kindergarten teacher.)

Anyways, he's hot and a cop. I mean, honestly, I'd probably never actually date a cop, but they're always hot in books (*cough cough JOE MORELLI <3 cough cough*)

Though, I will admit, Jack does come with his flaws, he's got a bad temper, and he's a little too worried about Maddie and her safety (which he should be, he just doesn't handle himself well).

But overall, he's a very cool character, very sexy too.

So, if high heels and murders plus hot guys are your thing, click the picture.


desicions//where am i going?

Wow, you guys seemed to all agree for the most part. A&M, huh? You think I'm going to Aggieland...

Well, you're wrong.

I'm not going to be an Aggie.

And, then, you guys seemed to think "oh, purple, she has to go there!"

Wrong again.

In fact, only one person voted for the right school, and in all honesty, she shouldn't count because that one person is my sister. So, technically, no one voted for the right school.


I'm going to be a Bearkat! That's right. In August, I'll be going down to Hunstville and spending the next four years at Sam Houston State. It's got one of the best criminal justice degrees, and that's what originally attracted me to the university. But, after taking a criminal justice class last year, I soon realized I had a lot more fun writing about the stuff than actually doing. Yeah, extracting DNA out of your spit? No thank you.

While I'm not doing criminal justice, I'm still going there as a history major. History has been a passion of mine longer than acting or writing or anything, so it makes sense to major in it.



thursday tatics//the dreaded "s" word


Let me explain. 

Monday night, even though I told myself I wouldn't do it at least until I had an agent, if not a publishing deal, I started TA 2. 

That's what it's being called right now. Seriously, TA 2. 

I have, like, two hundred words, maybe?

Only forty-eight thousand and eight hundred more to go, Laura. 

This was not my plan, nor my intention, it kind of just happened. See, in the midst of editing all my stuff on paper, I've had a real urge to open and new word document and just write. And Monday night I did.

The tricky thing is about sequels, especially when it's a sequel to a debut book, is making sure the first book doesn't rely on the sequel, but you can still have a sequel.

For instance, while most of the plot is wrapped up in The Assassin.... you still don't know what happens to....

warning, highlight for spoiler.

Brent after they arrest him. Well, he goes to jail, but do you think that'll stop him? 

You don't know how the story of The Assassin affects Cassie afterword, and in fact, that opening scene of TA 2 is sort of a redemption moment.

But, it's nuts. I've spent so long working on TA, I feel all these great ideas for TA 2 and TA 3 and beyond. So, obviously, I need to find myself an agent and a publishing deal soon so you guys can go buy the books....

I hope.

But, sequels, they're so tricky. You can't repeat too much information or you'll bore your dieheart fans, but if you don't give some information as to what happened in previous books, then new readers will be like "what the heck?!"

That's all. 


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inspire me tuesdays // rain

it rained all weekend. So, it got me thinking how in books, rain is like a symbol of rebirth at the end of the story, you know? Or maybe you don't, maybe I'm just an AP English student too much.

Anyways... rain.


q&a, take two

So, I guess about a month and a half ago, I told y'all to ask me questions and I would do a post to answer them.

That was a fail, not a single person asked me a question. So, since you guys have been very chit-chatty lately (trust me, I'm loving it!) I decided to try again.

And, to make it even better, if I can figure out how to attach it, I'll answer questions via video from my iphone.

Come on, don't you guys want to here me ramble like a fool?

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life according to my iphone



contest winners and a BIG announcement

First!! Contest winners. Seriously though, like, six people entered, and you all entered multiple times! What's up with that? So, I tried not to do repeats, which meant I had to cut down on my prizes.

So, here we go!

Julie - blog design
Paige B - blog design
Lexie - 1st chapter critique
May - large ad
Paige - large ad
lexi - medium ad
Riv - medium ad

Yay! Alright ladies, I'll be sending you guys an email about how to claim your prizes sometime today! Yay!

Now, on to the rest of the post...
College. It's time to announce where I'm going.

Almost. We're gonna play a little game. Here are pictures of four schools I may or may not go to. Over there on the sides, there's this poll. You can click on it and tell me where you think I'm going to go. And tell me in the comments, because it's more fun that way, right?

 Rockhurst University, Kansas City, Missouri
 Texas A&M, College Station, Texas
 Stephen F. Austin State University,  Nacogdoches , Texas
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas

So, where do you think I'm going?


thursday tatics // dialogue

Dialogue has to be realistic.

Seriously, it does. It's people talking. No one wants to read about people who talk like they're stuck up. That's not fun.

There was one book, and I can not remember what book it was, but the people were from somewhere down south and they didn't use words like "y'all." How can you not use "y'all" and be from the south? Heck, even in The Assassin, which takes place in New York City, Cassie still uses "y'all." You know, you really can't take Texas out of a girl.

But, this goes for historical fiction too, make sure it sounds at least somewhat accurate. Someone from the 1500s isn't going to be running around saying "hey" to everyone. And yes, I have read a book where that happened. There was some major face palming going on with that.

In all honesty, the best way to nail that dialogue is to be a total creeper. Yep, go ahead, admit it, you know you've done something along the lines of creeperness before. Seriously, the best way to get dialogue down is to just listen to people. Listen to the way they talk, listen to their body language and listen to the people they talk to.

And remember, keep it simple. No one likes it when someone talks about them, so don't have your characters talk over your reading audience.

Now, get to writing some dialogue! 


what i wore wednesdays // purple and stripes

disclaimer.... I can't even believe I'm posting some of these photos online, but, I am.... so enjoy the silliness at me making awkward faces. awkward smiles. -hides-


inspire me tuesdays // handwriting

I love handwriting. I love designing with my own, I love looking at some of the cool styles of writing people have. I love it all.... print. mixed. cursive. you name it, I probably love it. It really saddens me how they don't teach kids to write in cursive anymore. What's up with that?

Don't they know that cursive is the best handwriting ever?

Personally, I usually write mixed. There are some letters that are always cursive... Like "z" and "j". and usually "e" too.

As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like handwriting is an art that has to be mastered. Good hand writing is crucial when it comes to taking notes or writing up things. Right?

I never, ever get tired of looking at handwriting.



I lack the self control to actually post what I'm supposed to post on the day I'm supposed to post it. (did you follow that? XD)

Yeah.... so, life lately... guess what finally caught up to me? Being sick. I finally stayed home from school today and slept in until one. ONE PM IN THE FREAKING AFTERNOON!

I have never, ever, ever done that in my life before. It was crazy.... The day is basically gone! Right?

But, what a weekend, I worked most of it, but Friday night, I managed to print off The Assassin so I could do some line edits.
That's how thick my book is....

Without the first forty-six pages. Yay for long books. I'm sorry trees, I really am. When I'm published and have lots of money, I'll plant a bunch of trees to make up for the trees I kill with my passion. I also got edits from one of my beta readers Friday, and I read over some of it, and honestly, I am so stoked to get this editing done and over with! My goal is to have this round of edits done by graduation...which is only 91 days away!

Holy moly. Right? Nutso stuff. I feel like this blog will become ten thousand times more interesting after I move to college and actually have a life....

Haha, I entertain myself sometimes. Which is good, especially if I can not entertain anyone else, right?

Sick girl out.


happy birthday!

not to me! My birthday is in November sillies! I meant to pens and a camera lens! It's birthday number two and I can not even begin to believe I've had this blog for two years now.

Crazy shenanigans!

So, since you know I love to celebrate (just not my own birthday) we're gonna have a party! Woohoo! Right? I'm hosting a contest, and it's more or less the same as my Christmas contest.

There'll be mulitple ways to enter and there will be many prizes! Yay! I love celebrating.

So, here's what I have prize wise.

+2 full blog designs ($30 value each) (examples include this site, Zoey's Uncreatively Titled Blog, the 828....)
+2 five page//first chapter critiques
+1 extra large ad spot - ($15 value)
+ 2 large ad spots ($10 value each)
+2 medium ad spots ($5 value each)
+6 small ad spots

Yeah, that's a lot of prizes. So you guys have to, have to, HAVE TO! spread the word, okay?

You've got a week.

Knock yourselves out kiddos :)


jeez, just a little respect please?

so, you may or may not have heard about the death of conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart. Honestly, I'd never heard of him until this morning when my phone went nuts with tweets telling him to rest in peace.

Which brings me to my topic for today. Respect (or lack there of) for public figures who've recently died.

Listen, I understand that when people die, we have opinions of them. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, I am perfectly fine with that.

But there is a time for criticism and there is a time not for it.

You see it every time celebrities die.

Michael Jackson, people were yelling about his supposed child molesting (personally, I was too young to remember, and frankly, I don't really care). Whitney Houston died a few weeks ago, and people were saying she deserved it because of her drugs and addiction problems.

Seriously? No one deserves this kind of crap right after they die.

This morning when I was reading tweets about Andrew Breitbart, I saw one that said (and I'm paraphrasing)

Thanks for ruining Justin Bieber's birthday, Andrew Breitbart.

I just about threw up in my mouth. Because, seriously? We're going to blame a man who just died (leaving a family behind without him) for ruining Justin Beiber's birthday? I'm pretty sure Justin Beiber doesn't care.

And, I'm not arguing this for conservatives, anytime a public figure dies, you see people going "oh, rest in peace" and "oh, we're praying for your family!"

and then you always have that one person who says the public figure got what he or she deserved for this said flaw or that said flaw.

Guys, these people are human. Yes, you have every right to criticize them, but doing it right after they've died? That's just plain tasteless and rude.

Give them a little bit respect, please, is that too much to ask?

If you've got criticism, save it for a few weeks, then you can go back to bashing them

Just please, not right after they die.

They're human too.

Feel free to post your thoughts/opinions too.

Seriously, conversations are good.

Even if they become debates.

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