the mega birthday present

So, even though my birthday was two weeks ago, my best friend, E.J., has to always go all out and send me my birthday present along with my Christmas present.

So it always comes in the awkward waiting period between the two.

Last year, she got me these awesome elephant bookends, which are here with me at college.

She also got me these two awesome notebooks, I mean, come on, are these just awesome?

Well, this year, she topped that. 

A lot.

Think the picture looks familiar? Oh, maybe because it's been on the blog before. This was one of the pictures from when I went to Kansas City! I seriously love her face right here. But, with some magical Evie voodoo or something, she managed to get the picture on a block of wood. Coolest thing ever!

Okay, the cowboy boot and the word are actually separate, but I took a picture of the together because it's just that awesome. Seriously, I love this sign and the cowboy boot is purple! What's not to love?!

Everyone knows my love for Joe Morelli. My mom got me hooked on these books back in the summer before tenth grade when I read all fifteen (at the time) in a week. I went through two books a day. Now, I have to wait the year for the next book to come out. These used to come out the week before my mom's birthday, so she would always get them for her birthday. Then last year, they released two, and the second came out the week after mine, so I guess that means I get them now? 

(Sorry for the fuzziness of this second one. I got a new Rebel t3i for my birthday, and I was experimenting with the focus and such) She also got me an elephant. Seriously, elephants are our favorite animals ever. And it's a Republican Elephant! (There, I officially said it. I'm out of the political closet! Took me two and a half years of blogging to do it!) 

I mentioned that I'd watched the first episode of this show to Evie a few weeks ago. And then she told me she got the first season for me! Which is totally great, because all the movies I have here I've got practically memorized, and I've got two discs left of my season four Castle DVDs. So, now I've got something else to look forward to! 

She made me a charm bracelet! She made it for me! A best friend charm bracelet! Which is totally funny that she did, because the other day, I walked past a girl and saw her bracelet and went "I want a charm bracelet." And WAHLAH! I have one now! And Evie has one for herself she made too, so we're twinkies! It's got a camera charm, a locket that has a picture of us, a cowboy boot, a purple gem, an elephant, a key, and half of a best friends heart. <3


Jenn said...

cute :)

Jenn said...

oh and P.S I have nomanted you for the inspiring blogger award, check out my post

Jenn xo

E.J. Tvilling said...

How'd I just now see this?!


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