In This Skin

I feel like lately, all of my posts have been picture spams or depressing stories.

Not today.

Yesterday, I finished my last final, so today I get to go home.

I get to spend a whole entire month at my house. In my own bed. Where I can sleep diagonal and not worry about falling off the bed and dropping four feet. I get to see some of my best friends in the next week, and then I get to see family I haven't seen since sophomore year in high school (the year I started this blog O____o).

Overall, you've got one happy blogger on your hands. And I feel like it's showing. The past few weeks, especially since I came back to Huntsville from Thanksgiving break, I've been pretty chill. I didn't get the stress of finals because thankfully, mine were mostly spread out.

I'm really working on my time management, because I have a tendiency to do way too many things at once, but I know for a fact that tomorrow will be spent doing two three things: reading, writing, and doing laundry. Tomorrow will be so relaxing.

Lately, I've been really comfortable in my skin too. Except, you know, when I have one too many slices of a pizza in a day and my jeans don't fit. Every single day this week, I put on my nice jeans, some really nice boots and nice tops. No t-shirts for me this week. And I've actually felt pretty. It's a really nice to actually feel good about myself.

I did my make-up Sunday night, like the full blown make-up, not just quick eyeliner, when I went to church (see picture above).

Every day this week, I've showered at night and braided my hair, to get this every morning:

Can I just say that the only time my hair has ever been any curlier than this was the summer I was a munchin in The Wizard of Oz?

Let's just have a little moment of remembrance for the curls that will never be again. And I can't believe I'm showing this picture, but...

Photo Credit: DeAnna McDearmont

Oh, my days as a theater kid. But, the point is, I'm loving the semi-curly, kind of wavy hair. It's kind of girly and I feel like it's pretty and it's got more character than my straight hair.

Lately, I've been feeling amazing in my skin.

Amazing enough to post a picture of myself as a munkin in The Wizard of Oz. 


Life as Mrs. Skinner said...

That's great that you feel so wonderful lately! I have been feeling bloated! Sometimes being a lady has it's downside. HAHA! BOO! Anyways have a good day!

Angie Bailey said...

I love love love how you did your make-up and your hair is so pretty! I'm so glad you're feeling good, and like yourself. Depending on my depression, OCD, or even the season (or influential people around me), I can definitely fall out of touch with myself. When I reconnect with my soul, love what I love, do what I enjoy and just take a breather, I feel SO much better.

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