Wednesday night, I had a burst of inspiration and moved some furniture around. Now, I get to look out the window, into the depressing courtyard. My friend has called my dorm room a jail cell before, and I kind of agree with him.

In the living room, if you close all the doors, there's no way to tell whether or not it's day or night. No windows, no light, no nothing.

It's kind of depressing of depressing to think about, and I spent a lot of today struggling with being alone. I don't have that many friends and I'm shy and way too self-conscious to actually go out and meet people. Everyone already has friends, and I do have friends, but it seems like all my super close friends are in different states.

My two best friends in high school both went to the University of Arkansas. In fact, they live together, in a tiny room. A very tiny room. They've been friends forever and I've learned that it's never a good idea to have all three of us together at once, but I miss them both terribly.

Maybe it's the lifestyle of a writer, to always seem alone. I hate being alone, but I can survive. Writers are such a unique group of people. I mean, who else uses the voices in their heads to create stories?

No one.

As finals approach, my first one is tomorrow, and I'm ready to be done. I'm ready to go home, to see my friends, to be with my family.

I'm ready to not be alone.

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Life as Mrs. Skinner said...

Do you live at SHV? I lived at Estill whenever I was at Sam. Good luck on your finals :)


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