Thanksgiving Break: According to My iPhone

 Clockwise from top-left:
1.My sister, Amy, and I at the SHSU vs. A&M game on my birthday!
2. We decorated my grandpa's apartment Saturday and went a little crazy taping stuff together!
3. The leaves back home looked amazing. The best part of fall!
4. Tuesday when I got home, the only thing on my bed was a book. Perfection
5. Riding the elevator in the dorm so I can go home!
6. Got my birthday present - a Canon Rebel t3i!
7. My cousins from Houston came over Friday afternoon and there was some intense air hockey!
8. My best friend, Allie, and I on Wednesday.
9. Finally put the bumper sticker on my dad's car. He's officially a bearkat dad!
10. All my camera goodies in my new camera bag!

How was your Thanksgiving Break?

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Anonymous said...

I am not even sure how I managed to find your blog, but I did! And I noticed that you go to SHSU. I graduated from SHSU in 2009 :) I am definitely going to follow your blog.

07 08 09 10
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