Going Bold: The Anatomy of a Year of Hair

Every year around my birthday (this Saturday if any of you cared), I get this strange need to do something drastic to my hair. Last year, I went from this:

To this:

Yes, that's about half the length it was before I cut it. I don't know what I was thinking. I cut it above my shoulders. Me, the girl who loved ponytails, could no longer wear one. Maybe it was turning eighteen, maybe it was my grandmother's death. Who knows what it was, but I felt the need to cut it all off.
In the past year, my hair has seen a nice amount of growth, but we're still not as close as I'd like it to be. So, here's to you, hair, for putting up with my crazy hair decisions the past year. 

December and January, my hair really grew in the first month after I chopped it off:
At the end of February, Allie and I started our crazy tradition (that we still do to this day) of photoshoots. At this point, my bangs were almost to the point where I could tuck them behind my ears. My hair got really dark this month too. I almost look brunette in the right picture.

March saw little hair growth, in fact, I'm thinking I must have gotten a trim at this point because it looks a little bit shorter than the pictures in February. 

April, my hair saw a big increase in length again, we've made it to past the shoulders for good this time! My hair was nice and fluffy and light at the time. Kind of miss it!

May saw enough growth that I was throwing it into little knots in the middle of my head, such a blessing to do that in Texas.

June, more of the same, saw some nice length again. Graduation! 

July was the first time I managed to get my hair into a braid. Granted, it took a lot of help from bobby pins, but for the month of July, I spent it with braided hair.

August: My hair survived the move to Huntsville, and was almost to my armpits. After a quick trim at the beginning of August, I lost the "braid-ready" status and it seems like I haven't reached that status yet. 

September: I lied. Looks like I could get the "braid-ready" status by doing two braids. But look how long my bangs are in these pictures. Almost to my chin. My bangs were as long as my whole head of hair was back December! 

October: Excuse the writing on the mirror, but at the beginning of October, I finally said enough to the long bangs. But, seeing as I wasn't going to come home until November, I was going to have to be my own stylist. Stupid decisions like this leave me with bangs that look like a boy's hair cut.

And finally, Sunday night, here in November. The side bangs were starting to get a little long again, and since I made a surprise trip home, I asked my mom if she would cut my bangs. Feeling like 19 will be the year I become bold (I hope), I went for the bold style.

So, here's to 19 and being bold. At least with my hair. 


Miss Emily K. said...

I LOVE your bangs! they look GREAT on you :)

Amy Toeniskoetter said...

Your not 19 and the second picture looks better but I still think it looks really weird

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