Since We Last Talked

Since we lasted talked two weeks ago, a lot has happened.

1. Fire Alarms:

Last Friday morning, at like, 4:15 in the morning, my fire alarm went off. Just mine. No one else's. And it wouldn't shut up. God bless my roommate, Brooke, for letting me sleep on the floor in her bedroom. They ended up coming at 12:30 that afternoon to fix it, but by then both of us were long gone. Brooke had class, and I only lasted until about 9:30 before the constant chirping got on my last nerve.

Then Sunday night, the living room fire alarm chirped a few times, but thankfully, this one stopped. The guys came and replaced the battery on that alarm, but Wednesday night, the alarm went off again. Then the one in Brooke's room went off, and they started going back and forth for a few minutes.

Fire alarms hate us guys. No joke.

2. (almost) Broken Toe

After all that happened with my fire alarm, a group of friends and I decided to go play beach volleyball at sonic. Well, two hours after we started, I super bruised arms and I was freezing to death. I dove for the ball, but my leg twisted the wrong way, and for a moment, we thought I pulled a muscle. Brooke helped me up, but I stumbled forward and put all of my weight on one toe.

And it snapped.

My toe's basically fine now, but I was walking weird all last weekend and I had a lovely black bruise.

3.  Writing

I spent about five hours yesterday writing and I'm almost up to 5,000 words so far in this draft. I was going to rewrite The Assassin for NaNoWriMo, but I had the weekend alone, and the creativity would not leave me alone. I wrote and then when I couldn't bleed out the words anymore, I turned to designing. After a hectic and semi-depressing week, it was really nice to just relax, forget about the world, and just create.

The break was great, I will not lie, but I'm glad to be back. How has everyone else been?


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