out of control

Well, hey guys.

I know I've left you in the dark this week, but it's been a pretty hectic week. It's been one of those weeks where the moment I think I've finished everything, I turn around to find another list of ten things to do.

I was up Tuesday night until 2:30AM working on math homework. I was fortunate enough to have my 8AM philosophy class cancelled the next morning, but....

It's gotten ridiculous.

What has college done to me?

I've gotten to the point where when people get mad at me (like downstairs neighbors), I really don't care. Sure, I mean, I feel bad that I've made them mad, but I'm at the point where I just don't care.

I'm scared I may not pass philosophy. It's a Monday, Wednesday, Friday class and it's at 8AM. I've got my big paper due next month, if I bomb that, my grade is toast in there.

My calender in my room is a white board that you just erase every month. Everything has changed so much, I decided to just re-do it to put everything up until my birthday.

The first two weeks I have one day that doesn't have something on it. It's ridiculous guys. I've obviously spread myself a bit too thin with commitments from classes, to being the Hall Council President, to the other club I'm involved in.

I called my mom the other day to talk to her, and once I got on my rant, I feel like I talked for ten minutes straight without taking a breath.

I'm that busy. 

So, obviously when I don't post for three days again next week, you'll understand why. If I disappear for a week and a half, that'll be why.

I'm drowning and I need to find the surface. Don't worry guys, I'm almost there.


E.J. Tvilling said...

Told you not to spread yourself too thin. And you wanted three jobs...*shakes head*

jackie said...

oh gross. I'm sorry life is so busy. Good luck getting through everything!

Jenn said...

my life is just as busy ... join the club

Whit said...

Once you graduate life is AWESOME! I just finished college and considering going back... but then I remember how amazing it is to be done with obligations at 5 and pull a total of zero all nighters.

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