TIGF: Things I'm Grateful

Sometimes we forget it’s the little things that matter in life and forget how easy it can be to be happy. So we’re making an effort to ensure that doesn’t happen by listing the things we’re grateful for/appreciate from the previous week every Friday. And we’d love for you to join us!

♥ football team winning our first game ♥ rain, rain, rain, rain ♥ starting over with my book ♥ skyping with my friends and calling them at midnight ♥ rain ♥ no homework on Wednesday ♥ more rain ♥ friends here at school who I can talk to without being judged ♥ finally addressing issues I had with a person (sad that it came to that, but glad that it's over) ♥ bonus points for actually doing my philosophy homework ♥ finding a new club on campus ♥ 


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