Getting Involved

One of my dad's biggest pushes for me when I got into college was to go get involved.

Neither of us were prepared for just how involved I would become.

Last night, my dorm had it's first hall council meeting. The hall council is basically exactly what it sounds like, we make decisions for the dorm.

I walked into the meeting with the intention that if I had an office, I'd be secretary. And I am. For now. Until we find someone else.

Why do we need to find someone else to do it?

Well, because, being the semi-overachiever that I am, I walked out of the meeting not as secretary, but as president.

Yes, I am the president for a really big dorm. In fact, we're the biggest residence hall on campus.

530 kids.

I am responsible for 530 kids.

So, I'm sure there'll be many stories of that coming soon.

While I'm excited, I hope I don't lose my head at the same time!


Amy Toeniskoetter said...

Wow!!! Good job Lala

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

that's exciting!! GO LAURA!! You can do it :D

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