Castle, Castle, Castle

The past week has consisted of a few things:

classes, reading, pizza, dr. pepper, and Castle. 

Castle is my favorite show ever. I've rambled on about it a few times, but let's get real. For a mystery writer, Castle is just the best show ever.

For those of you who don't know, Castle is a show about an author named Rick Castle (played by Nathan Fillion) who works with Detective Kate Beckett, a homicide detective from New York City.

In the first season, Castle begins following Beckett because she's the inspiration for his Nikki Heat books. In fact, you can actually read these books (thank you ghostwriters).

Well this past year, my aunt let me borrow the first season of the show (I started watching at the beginning of the third season), and it was just as great as I thought it would be.

So, because I had to keep going.... I bought the second season.... I'm on episode nine of season two.

Then last week, we went to target, and they had season three for $20. It was a deal I couldn't resist.

Needless to say, I have seasons one through three, and I'm pretty sure E.J. is getting me season four for my birthday.... in November.

At least season five comes on in three weeks!

needless to say, I'm just a tad bit obsessed.

Just a little.

Oh, and I promise, sometime this week, I will have pictures of my new dorm room.


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Amanda Cobb said...

That is one of my favorite shows, too, and I'm so glad it comes back this month. :-D

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