T Minus Two Weeks

So, this past Saturday marked two weeks until move in day. And I finally got serious about packing.

I'll be honest, half of the reason I'm ready to move is so I have a floor in my room again. Last week, my mom said my room was booby-trapped. That's how bad it's gotten.

In fact, here's some shots from the corner of my room where I've shoved all my dorm stuff into.

See? It's gotten out of control. So, I finally decided I needed to start packing. As I write this post, I've got two bags done, and I don't even want to know how many more I'll have.

I've got clothes from my shopping day with Allie, t-shirts, pajamas, and that purple thing? A tennis skirt.

Oh, and of course there's shoes.

These are some of the shoes I'm taking with me. I'm sure my sister will ask why on earth I need the silver ones I wore to prom, and my answer is, you never know when you need heels. :)

Saturday, I went shoe shopping with my siblings and my mom and I walked away the grand prize winner with two pairs of shoes.

 I'm so stoked to go to college, but I'm more excited to have space in my room again! Packing is well underway!

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Savannah Jean said...

I wish Florida didn't start for another 2 weeks. Sigh. that way I would have another two weeks with my boyfriend. All our college goers are leaving on Thursday and Friday. :(

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