oh hi.

Well, it's been a bit quite around here these past few days. Actually, it has been quite, and I promise it won't always be like this.

Yesterday was my first day of college. I had intro to philosophy, intro to collegiate studies (that's a class only offered at my campus), weather & climate, and then developmental math.

Intro to philosophy, the teacher was really quite and it was 8am so I was not awake. This is probably going to be my hardest class this semester.

Intro to Collegiate studies: A class offered at SHSU, it's like a class to learn how to succeed here at Sam. I'm really excited. It's a freshman only class.

Weather & Climate: I may hate science, but seriously, this is the class I'm most excited for. I love taking pictures of clouds and I want to go storm chasing at some point in my life. This class is going to be amazing.

Developmental math: Because the State of Texas is one big mess of messed up, I have to take a remideal math course before I can take the class that counts for anything. It's like high school algebra, which I guess is okay since it's been two years since I was in algebra (thank you block scheduling).

Tuesday was pretty crazy too. I met up with my friend, Andrew, from back home who I haven't seen in a few months (he moved early). So yesterday afternoon, my roommate Brooke, my friend Marci, Andrew and I all walked to his off campus house (it was probably two miles away from our dorm) to meet his little cat, Bear! (Our mascot is the Bearkat and our colors are orange and blue, so Andrew got an orange cat and named it Bear...get it?)

Bear is a couple months old and he's such a little nosy guy, but he was adorable. It's been a crazy couple of days.

And I've still got another class today....


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