Howdy August

Okay, how the heck is it August already?! It amazes me how fast the year is going! This month is going to be crazy.  Why, you may ask.

Well, let's recap.

  • I go to camp for four days to learn all sorts of bearkat cheers.
  • The day after I get home, I start babysitting full time. 
  • I baby sit on the week days, party host on the weekends.
  • My sister turns 13 the same day I move for the first time in 13 years.
  • I START COLLEGE!!! (Those are caps of panic not of joy. I'm horrified to think about being a college kid)
  • And some other stuff, I'm probably missing. 

In less than a month, this view will become a daily part of my life. I'll trade my purple in for orange and the Dallas heat for the Houston heat. 

August is going to be a fast and crazy month. 

Let's hope I can hold on. 


Chymecindy Henriksson said...

I hope you will have a good month this august. Good luck for all your plans and thinks you're going to do.

rach. said...

yay for august! good luck girl!

love, rach.

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