getting old

My deadline is to finish editing The Assassin by move-in day, or at least before I start classes four days later.

I'm on chapter five out of forty. I don't even want to do the math for how many chapters I need to do a day to finish.

But, I've noticed Cassie's voice lately as I edit.... once a week it seems like.

Between the draft that was read by Harper Collins and the draft after that, Cassie grew up a couple years. Originally, she was fourteen, but now she's sixteen, only two months shy of her seventeenth birthday.

Even though I was reculant to bump her age up for the longest time, I kind of like older Cassie. She's a little more experienced in what she does, and she's a bit of a smart ass. There's been several times while reading through this current draft where I burst out laughing at some of her inner thoughts.

Cassie is like one of my kids. Anyone who's written a book knows what I'm talking about. Cassie, while she may not be a real human being, she's completely real in my mind and in my heart.

Seeing her grow up, even if she's growing up slower than I am, is kind of exciting. She's shy around boys when she doesn't know what to do about them, but she's pretty fierce when it comes to people threatening her.

It's crazy to watch her get older, sassier, but seeing her grow up and watching people she cares about get hurt, that's the best part, seeing her grow as a person, despite what she does.

Cassie's just such an old soul because she has to be.

But I like her as an old soul.

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Anonymous said...

I think making Cassie older was a great idea! It'll give her more insight on the world and her world, as well as more intelligence to figure out what is going on around her.

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