my new bedroom is a work in progress

my thighs hate me because my campus is super hilly

I start classes in two days

all I have to eat is oreos and popcorn.

I'm sore beyond belief

I sweat the moment I walk outside of my dorm (the hallways are open to the outside)

I'm loving my new closet, not as big as the one at home, but it's super nice

Mom and Amy's chocolate chip cookies are my favorite food

my text books are.... somewhere

oh yeah, guess what, I finally moved. :)


Julie Anne Jordão said...

Yay for dorm life. It sucks at times, and it's awesome at times. Enjoy it, it goes by so fast and soon you'll be graduating and thinking where did the time go....

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Ah I miss dorm life & college in general! Have a great year!

Ellen Faith said...

Oh, wow. Yay! This could be me in March and that's so exciting to think! Post lots of dorm room photos. Maybe even a before and after if you took the photos? :)

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