I'll be the first to admit, ever since I finished writing this draft of The Assassin last Tuesday, I've pretty much shoved it aside to let it sit in the corner of shame.

It's not intentional, life just caught up. I mean, I took a few days off to recover from the intense writing spree I had Tuesday.

But, now, I've fallen out of that "I WANNA DO THIS!" mentality and I spend all day doing other things.

I've been to water aerobics. I spent the majority of my weekend at my friend's softball tournament with her boyfriend (don't worry, I was friends with both of them before they began dating. It's not awkward, I promise!)

I'm cleaning my room out this afternoon.

My arms are on fire from my allergy shots I got about fifteen minutes ago as I type away.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going on a trip to a lake house with my friends from this weekend.

Which means not only have I neglected my book, but for a few days I'll be neglecting my email (apparently service is iffy there - and I have sprint so I know I won't have any), I'll be neglecting my twitter and facebook.

and I'll be neglecting the blog.

But, don't worry! I've left y'all in some great hands! I promise. You'll like what we've got going on, I promise!

So, for everyone, have a happy fourth of July and stay safe! I'll see y'all Friday!

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Nikkiana said...

It's good to take a breather, I think. It sounds like you're going to have a few relaxing days off and I bet you'll come back all refreshed and excited to work on it again.

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