dear legs

dear legs, I'd really like it if you didn't hurt after water aerobics....

dear time, you're going too slow. It needs to be closer to move in day. I need the change.

dear future classmates, I'll admit, I'm a crybaby, don't make fun of that fact please...

dear brooke, you probably won't see this, but honestly, if we're this close without even living together yet, I can't wait until move in day, we're gonna have a blast

dear Amy, I'm sorry move in day is on your birthday, I really wish it wasn't.

Dear kid I'm going to nanny for, please don't make my life hard these next few weeks

dear fingernails, you looked a lot better a week ago.

dear bearkat camp kids, I hope we have a blast. Oh, and that I don't get a sunburn. I'm still recovering from the last one.

dear book, go edit yourself. I don't want to.

Dear fictional character I have a crush on, why can't you be real?

dear Texas, you tortured us last summer, can't we have a year off?

dear thyroid, you were doing so good! Don't jump off the deep end yet!

dear AP central, please send Sam my AP scores so I can be closer to being a sophomore.

Dear blog readers, thank you for the sweet comments from yesterday's post. By the time I finished reading them all, I was crying like a baby. They mean so much to me.

To read the inspiration for the structure of this post, read this previous post. 


Savannah Weeks said...

Really pretty picture! :) I love it!

Miranda @ All Things Lovely said...

Hi there! I just found you actually off of Aunie's tweet just now. Fancy that :)

What school are you going to? I'm about to graduate from UNT in Denton next Saturday!

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