the undercover redhead

If you've checked out my sponsoring page in the past month, you'll realize two things.

  1. I've switched to passionfruit ads and I love them. Best thing ever.
  2. When I show you the sizes, you'll see buttons for a blog titled "the undercover redhead" with my picture on them.
Let me explain. You see, back at the end of senior year, when I was having a major blogging crisis with where I wanted my blog to go and what I wanted it to be, I was batting around a lot of names.

I thought I settled with the undercover redhead. So, this is a post to explain the story of why I am an undercover redhead.

You see, picture your typical redhead. She's loud, short tempered, and quick with her tongue. And she always has fabulous hair. 

Think Amy Adams when it comes to the hair. We all know she has amazing hair.

Okay, confession time: If you haven't already figured out, I'm not an actual redhead, like, orange hair and everything.

But, in this picture, it's kind of orange! Like an off tinted orange. And, ignore the fact that this photo is almost three years old. 

I'm what people would call a strawberry blonde. And that always prompts people to go "See, blonde is in the name of your hair color, Laura!"

But then the other night, it dawned on me. Strawberries are red. So does that make me a blonde redhead?


And a brunette. 

Yes, the top of my hair is blondeish-redish, but the underside of my hair is super dark, like the rest of my family. I'm the ugly duckling when it comes to hair color!

I may have the looks of a blonde, but mentally I am 100% redhead. I guess, I'm more appropriately a ginger. Light skin, freckles, sunburns easily, did I mention freckles? 

So, yeah, I now consider myself an undercover redhead. 

Don't tell me otherwise or that redhead temper will come out, okay? 

See, I told you I was a brunette too! 

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Britt Renee said...

great post! I always thought I had faded out brown hair. Apparantly my color falls under a dark blonde : )

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