to the bottom of the lake [the phone goes] + giveaways!

Seriously, I'm becoming addicted to sleep! More so that I already was! So, I guess that doesn't make me a recoveree?

All jokes aside, what a weekend I had. Thursday and Friday I was at SHSU for freshman orientation!! That's where the sleeping kick came full force. Friday after we checked out, I went to the George HW Bush Presidential Library.

Guys, this guy did everything. (Clarification, this is the one before Clinton, not the one who just left a few years ago, okay?) Seriously, he was director of the CIA, the ambassador to China and the UN, VP and President.

Anyways, time to switch gears. This weekend, I'm camping out (not literally) at my grandparents house in Austin. Yesterday, we went to the lake for a picnic with my grandparents friends. I snagged a few photos before my phone ended up at the bottom of the lake.

(Don't worry, somehow it's working perfectly fine.)

It's ladder golf! It's fun, slightly addicting and pretty simple! 

This is about the same spot where my phone went down. You see, I was standing behind my brothers and sister, as they kicked their legs in the water. My brother, as a joke (he's special needs, so he didn't realize it was a bad idea) tried to grab me and throw me in the water. I survived the attempt but my phone didn't.

It slowly began to sink until my sister dove in to grab it.

Like I said, it ended up being fine, but still that moment of watching my little iPhone fall to the bottom of the lake was kind of horrifying.

Enough of that sad story (that turned out good!) How about two giveaways? Yeah, you read that right. Two as in plural! Yes, if you go over to Confessions of a Graphic Design Student, you can enter a giveaway where you will win a blog design and an accompanying facebook page design from me!

Confessions of a GDS

The other giveaway is with the Better Blogger Network! Woohoo!


Riv Re said...

I have no idea what ladder golf is, but it sounds, um, amazing?
Glad your iPhone survived. Those things must be made of titanium--you can do anything to them. (My friend has an iPhone, but hers has this huge, bulky case. She's one of those, the ones who break everything they touch.)
Enjoy your grandparents. I wish I was going camping...(for real)

~Riv Re
Riv Reads

Anonymous said...

He tried to push me in the lake not you

Ashley said...

Im entering one of the giveaways, and it says to say Hi and introduce myself...Im already a follower here...so this feels a little bit wierd..but..Hi Laura!!

I'm Ashley. Hiddles Fan, Superhero Chick, SuperVIllian Chick, Trekkie, Warsie, Writer, Phangirl, and...Me. Just me.

And the phone..O_O I'd REALLY be flipped out. I nearly get a panic attack each time I just gently DROP my phone. I'd be dead if it fell into the water. X_X

Jacki Fournier said...

I'm also coming over from confession of a graphic design student.

Hi! I'm Jacki, 19 year old college student (Just finished my freshman year) and a huge nerd.

My brother has dropped so many phones in various bodies of water. There always seems to be one sitting in a bowl of rice (to dry it out) somewhere in my house.

Nora Spaulding said...

saying hi! new follower!~

Jessica said...

Hi Laura! I found your website via the better blogger network. Congratulations on graduating - University life is so much fun - I am a student in the UK and l absolutely love it! I have recently set a group on BBN for student bloggers. It would be great if you could check it out!


Jessica :)

Chelsea said...

Ladder golf.... I never realized that game had an actual name!! I am stopping by from Kristen's blog, fingers crossed I win the giveaway cause your design is amaaaaaaaazing!! xo

Whitney and Camron Allen said...

Hi! New to your blog and so glad I am! I am a new follower! somethingbroughtyouhere.blogspot.com

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