TIGF: Things I'm Grateful For

Sometimes we forget it’s the little things that matter in life and forget how easy it can be to be happy. So we’re making an effort to ensure that doesn’t happen by listing the things we’re grateful for/appreciate from the previous week every Friday.

♥ new chevron printed desk organizers ♥ work this weekend ♥ going to the movies with friends ♥ seeing friends ♥ a day of writing equaling 3,000 words added to the book ♥ recovering from a stomach bug ♥ knowing that the doctor is going to get an update on my thyroid soon ♥ blog designing for a friend ♥ spending a morning with my mom ♥ half priced books ♥  singing at church ♥ water aerobics  


simplyevani.com said...

I love that chevron printed desk organizer! Where did you get it?!?!

lazy explorers said...

I love the chevron organizer! If you painted that yourself, you should definitely put up a DIY tutorial!

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