Things I'm Grateful For

Things I'm Grateful For is a weekly link up between myself and Ashley + Nathan where we look back to appreciate things from the past week.

♥ graduation ♥ seeing family and friends as we celebrated ♥ freshman orientation ♥ late nights with new friends and old ♥ Applebee's at 12 AM Monday morning ♥ shopping trip with a best friend who's moving in August too ♥ new watch ♥ summer thunderstorms ♥ bounce houses ♥ first midnight premiere of a movie ♥ sleeping in until at least nine every morning ♥ Wednesday night traditions of starbucks with church friends ♥ new shoes ♥ editing and rewriting ♥ my big Texas poster my sister made me ♥ moving day countdown 

Now it's your turn to share what you're grateful for from the past week! 


Anonymous said...

So your watch get a picture but my poster doesn't get one and your grateful for the count down until moveing day if any thing it should get the title of Amy's birthday

Amber said...

Hello. Just stoppin by from Confessions of a Graphic Design Student to say thank you for doing the giveaway. I am a new follower via email.

Megan said...

Well she said to introduce myself... but you already know me. (: So still, hi.

Zoey Talbon said...


I'm grateful for sleeping in, too <3

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Love your watch, gorgeous!

Charlotte said...

Your watch is pretty beautiful, i have to say

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