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Today we've got one of the top sponsors, Ms. Kaytee Lauren. She agreed to sit down and answer a few questions for me. Enjoy! 

I'm Kaytee, and I blog a lifestyle blog called Kaytee Lauren. I started blogging a few years ago right out of high school without a purpose, and since then I have developed my blog as a way to communicate and meet other bloggers. I have also used my blog as a way to file my favorite recipes and document my first few years of marriage to my husband, Joel.

You've recently been taking a lot of pictures - first anniversaries, senior portraits, maternity pictures. When did you first start to get into photography and realize you loved it?

I studied photography in high school, and always thought I would purse it one day. I always thought it would be just a hobby and I would even build my own dark room one day. I never really took it as a serious career for myself one day. Growing up I often felt like the "photographer" of whatever group I was in, even when I was just working off a regular kodak camera, and I always tried my hardest to get the best pictures I could. Now that I married, my husband and I saw it as a good investment to get a nice camera, not really knowing where it would take us. Since then I have tried out a few different types of portraits like the ones you mentioned, but I am still trying to find myself and what pictures work best for me. I haven't developed my full style yet, which is what I'm currently working on.

The past few months, you've done a "color of the month," explain the story behind it.

A few months ago I contacted my sponsors for information on their blogs so I could put together a sponsor spotlight. Instead of putting together one giant post of all the sponsors, I spotlighted each sponsor on a different day. One of my sponsors asked if I would be interested in letting her guest post on her spotlighted day. Of course I would be interested! Her and I decided to collaborate together and create an outfit post together. We took the color blue and each put together and outfit that looked like spring and showed off the color blue. We really enjoyed doing the post, so the following month we opened the color post to each of our sponsors to join into. We haven't had another one since, but I hope to resume the posts soon.

What are some of your favorite things about blogging?

To be completely honest, I love the people I meet. I have met people from across the US to people in other countries, people that I often think about and pray for. I hope to meet some of the friends I've met through blogging one day. I also like the creativity. Blogging allows you to put everything you love, create, dream of, and capture in your camera onto one big page that you share with others. I have found some of my best ideas through the life of bloggers.

What are some of your plans for the rest of the summer?

This is my first summer of being married, last summer we were planning our wedding, so my husband and I are enjoying the full joys of that. It's also our one year anniversary, so we are celebrating that and fulfilling some of our traveling dreams. This summer is also about finding myself in my photography, like I mentioned earlier.


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