i'm done.

with high school!!! Finally, the day y'all have had to listen to me talk about for months has finally come and passed!

I am no longer a Flo Mo jaguar, thank the Lord. So, now, here's a look back on my high school life.

Freshman year, tennis dominated my life. I was on JV.

Sophomore year saw my confirmation and some crazy shows.  

junior year is where, I personally, believe I began to sort of blossom in my appearance and the things I did. After my show the summer before junior year, I stopped doing shows. Haven't been on a stage acting since. For the first time in my life, I had a boyfriend. I cut my hair, I had my book read by a publishing company. It was a big year for me. 

Senior year. I realized I have more photos of senior year than I do of all the other years combined, no joke. Maybe it goes with the whole "blossoming" thing. 

from top, going clockwise.
1.) Photoshoot with my friend, Allie.
2.) Prom with Allie
3.) Different photoshoot with Allie (this was Friday)
4. Another photoshoot with Allie (we did three)
5. Evie and I had fun with the silly glasses in Claire's. 
6. I got to meet an elephant at Texas A&M!!
7. Cut my hair back in December. It's been forever since I've had it that short. 
8. More fun with Evie

It was a crazy four years, and I honestly can not believe it's over. Nuts. Just nuts. 
Tomorrow I'll have on on graduation. 


Mariella Cecilia said...

Love all the little collages! Still crazy proud of you and glad you had a fun year :)

Jenn said...

i remember when i graduated it was CRAZY i couldnt beleive how fast it went by !

Hima said...

Congratulations! Gosh, I can't believe I have to wait three more years before I get to graduate. Good luck ad have an awesome summer before college starts :)


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