Wow.... What an interesting week it has been. If you remember, around this time last year, I went through my first break up. I'd post the link where I talked about it, but I just read it. It's....

Wow, what an idiot I was, we'll just say that.

Well, he dumped me the....twenty-fourth. A number which had always been lucky for me, and that's the reason I remember the date, it no longer was lucky (it is now).

The one year since we broke up was last week, and on the exact day, I met a guy. We'll call this boy.... John. Anyways, I'd talked to John before, but this was the first time I'd ever met him.

Anyways, two days after I met John, the ex messaged me on Facebook saying that he wanted to sit down and meet with me to talk about things.


I've talked to the guy.... four times, maybe, since we broke up. And all of the sudden he wants to meet me?

Don't you find the timing just a little bit too suspicious? I did. But since I can't be mean to people because I'm easily guilt tripped, I was nice and had a conversation with him.

Anyways, haven't talked to him since Wednesday... I think.

But, Thursday night, my friend, we'll call him.... Max and his girlfriend.... Sharon (I'm awful at making up names for my friends!) called me to tell me they were taking me to the midnight premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman. 

First, I can't even BELIEVE that my parents let me go. Second, we got there at like, 9:45, and they didn't seat until 11:30. So all of us went to the bar and ordered sodas and stuff. Well, at, like, 10:30 Sharon called John (they're really good friends, she's how I originally met John) and told him he needed to come to the theater with us.

So Max went to go pick up John because Max was bored, and this guy from our church kind of invited himself. Let's just say he smells bad and creeps me out. (I know Max and Sharon from church. Are you following all of this?)

We sat down when they opened the theater and I ended up sitting between creepy guy and John.

Let's just say, I'm pretty sure there was flirting. Or maybe John is just a friendly guy. But, don't take my word for it when I say there was, I'm not still up to date on WHAT EXACTLY qualifies as flirting.

Yeah. Needles to say, at three am, I had hormones running rampant.

Hormones that haven't been around since, well last year. I mean, I guess it's nice to know that I'm still human.

And then, yesterday, Sharon, John and I had lunch at Wendy's. And I sat next to John. Again.

Yes, if you could see me, you would realize that I am the definition of awkward around good looking guys.

While I am excited that John and his girlfriend broke up yesterday, I am more excited about the fact that John and I are going to the same school next year.

It's been a good week. :)


Ashley said...

Wow. I've had one guy flirting around me..and I wanted to punch the living daylights out of him. Yeah..maybe thats why I'm not a Guy magnent....

Savannah Jean said...

Good luck with John!!! :) I hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

You are bad at making up names "max" isn't like the other maxs I know considering how "max" drives

Riv Re said...

=D Glad to here things are looking up. Best of luck with John.

Selina said...

I'm sorry but this made me laugh. This would make a perfect book opening! I'm sorry. Ok I've now stopped laughing. I just found it funny you end up talking to yourself as you write. So? Question? Do you wanna get back with John, or are gonna try to see the new guy? And yes, the timing is very strange... O.o
Did you think Snow White was good? I went to the midnight showing as well.
It would be very awkward to be sitting between an ex and a creeper...
Well I hope you get to solve this ex boy emotion. :) Best wishes! :D

Rosie said...

Anyone who says being a girl isn't complicated, clearly have never been a girl...and how confusing is it when guys are flirting and shouldn't be. Congratulations on graduating.

Rosie x
(A new follower xx)

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