the wonderful sponsors!

because I am so busy with the end of school and graduation coming up, here's a quick post about the wonderful ladies (and a guy!) who sponsor my blog. I love them all!

Britt Renee:

Britt is super sweet, and I love the photos she takes! She and her boyfriend are also pretty cute together!

Be sure to follow her at:
her blog
her youtube
her twitter
her new instagram
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And A DIY Life

Ashley + Nathan are such a sweet couple! They co-host TIGF with me every week, and they let me sponsor their blog! I worked with Ashley on her other blog, After Nine to Five. Ashley and Nathan also started the Better Blogger Network, so I work with these guys a lot, and I'm glad I've got the opportunity!


Kaytee Lauren

Kaytee is also a very sweet girl and I love her style. She also takes some pretty awesome pictures, if I do say so myself.  She's got amazing clothes and her hair is curly!

my little tulip

First: she's Canadian. They're pretty cool.
Second: She lives in the Netherlands. That's pretty awesome too.
Third: She has the most adorable blog title ever.

Want to sponsor next month? Email me. 

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Britt Renee said...

I love it!!! Thanks!!! : )

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