a race to the end

In two weeks, (seriously, exactly two weeks from right now) I will be sitting on my couch. Done with high school.

No joke, it's in two weeks. I've got two weeks left of high school. I've already written about how the changes in my life are coming full speed ahead and how I'm ready for them.

And now I'm embracing them. There'll be some big changes coming to the blog in the next few weeks. New posts, new weekly series, some series are leaving, and so much more.

The next two weeks will be nothing except blogging, designing, writing and counting down the days until  graduation. (18 if you were counting.)

It's exciting. Next week I'm going back down to Sam Houston State to meet my roommate and tour the campus. I promise there will be photos this time! I promise!

The end of high school is knocking on my door, and I am so ready to open the door up and let it in!

Oh yeah, I'm done with AP testing too. :D


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