a new beginning

noticed anything that changed? Like maybe the site? Like the name?

Let me just start out by saying, I'm sad to see "pens and a camera lens" go, but it's just something that had to happen.
I'm trying to actually build my design business and having a design shop with one name and a blog with another just wasn't going to work. Beyond that, I feel like the new name is part of the next chapter in my life.

Yesterday was my last day of high school. In fact, in just a few minutes, the last kids (elementary) will be dismissed for the summer. Us seniors got out a day early because we're just that awesome.

Monday is graduation. Next Thursday and next Friday, I'll be off at freshman orientation. I've got bearkat camp (spirit camp) the first full week of August. Two weeks after that, I'll move for the first time in thirteen years.

But with the end of high school, I feel like this summer I'm going to be thrown into the world of adults, face first. They got tired of me dipping my toes in.

Which is why all these changes are here on the blog - to reflect the changes of my life.

Just a few changes to the blog:

  • new name/design
  • paid sponsorships
  • newsletter
  • updated pages
  • more guest bloggers
New name and design: This one is pretty obvious. It goes back with the whole new chapter of my life thing.
Paid Sponsorships: I'm bringing these back, but on the bright side, the most expensive one is only $10 and I'm offering 40% off. Just use the "New40" in the code box to save! 
Newsletter: Yes, I'm going to offer a newsletter. It'll be bi-weekly and will have updates from the blog, like popular posts and news on the shop. 
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Updated Pages: I shouldn't say this seeing as I haven't actually imported the pages in (I put most of this in at 12 this morning, so they'll be up later today.
More Guest Bloggers: I think that sums itself up.

I hope y'all join me on this wonderful transition. I'm super excited! 


Anonymous said...

Lala I don't have an email or a website but I want your newsletter


Ashley said...

Looking for guest posters? If so, I'm interested!

Mariella Cecilia said...

yay for guest bloggers! :D

Britt Renee said...

I love the look and the name! did you get the .com through blogger?

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