inside Cassie's mind

Cassie and I are in the same spot.
Ready to graduate.

You see, the first book doesn't take place in 2012, it takes place in the fall of 2010. Cassie and I are the same age, so whenever I get to the point where her story is in May 2012, she'll be restless and ready to get out of town too.

But Cassie's last few weeks of high school will be much more exciting than mine. I can't give away too many details since this is book eight, but she'll be dealing with some not so nice teenage boys.

But right now, in book one, Cassie is going through some pretty crazy stuff as it is. If you've read part of the book on wattpad or figment (updated both yesterday!) you know that Cassie is being followed by this guy, simply named D. (If you didn't know that, go read!) Well, I'm almost to the point where Cassie discovers who D is.

If you've read previous drafts of this book, you probably know who D is, but if you haven't, I really hope you haven't made the connection.

Cassie is frustrated because well, she doesn't know who D is.

If you've ever had a frustrated character camped out in your head, you know how annoying it can be. I'm ready for Cassie to put the two and two together and find out who D is already.

So, if you've read what's up, who do you think D is?

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Anonymous said...

I've asked to read it but YOU miss Laura Elizabeth Toeniskoetter won't let me

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