dealing with my thyroid

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this (I might have in my last post), but I suffer from hypothyroidism. read about it more here.

It's kind of frustrating. In the past month and a half, my appetite has grown a lot, and I feel like I'm constantly eating.

And at first, I started losing weight, a few weeks ago, I lost two pounds in a week.

And then last week, I gained them back. And today, I gained 5 more. Dx

Guess I need to get back out and play some tennis against the side of the house, huh.

It's frustrating to be stuck in this situation.

Hypothyroidism is something I'll have the rest of my life, and I guess I just needed to come clean about it.

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Amber said...

Hey Laura! I can empathize with you a little bit. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2003,I was only 17. One day back in 2008,my TSH levels were waaaay out there - like in the 300's! I get so frustrated sometimes,too. Just wanted to tell ya you're not alone! *hugs*

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