coming out of hiding

whoops, I swear, when I disappear for three days at a time, it's not on purpose! 
You see, since I last blogged to you wonderful peeps, I've....

  • had a three hour long review session over European History and it's craziness
  • taken a college level test (yay AP) over European History
  • Studied for three other AP tests
  • Worked....
  • And managed to sleep somewhere in between.

I think that's all.

But seriously guys, after Wednesday, it'll all be over.


You see, both of my classes this semester are AP classes, so after we take the AP test, there isn't really anything for us to learn... We had to learn it all before the test!

So seriously, you'll be hearing way more from me come Wednesday afternoon. Partly because I won't have to be studying from tests (which I'm doing right now, I just took a break) and... I'll have a new computer! (Hopefully)

Yes, graduation present is coming home, hopefully.

If I get it tonight, there'll be pictures, I promise. 

But, really, it's been quite a week. On top of studying for four AP tests and taking one, plus working, I managed to pick out my dorm this past week.... (I feel like I probably already mentioned this). 

Oh, and I think I've fixed the wrinkles in my outline for TA. Probably not going to get it done by graduation, but if I take my computer to school, I could. 

And, I still don't have the store finished.... Grr....

So, it may be Thursday before that opens. 

Guys..... only 23 days until I graduate....

23 days....

Yeah, it's gonna be a crazy couple of weeks. Between AP test and graduation, I'm going back down to Sam Houston to visit again and meet my roommate. 

And my brother is getting confirmed the night before the last day of school. And I'm singing at the mass. 

It's gonna be a crazy few weeks. 


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