Change is inevitable, you can't escape it.

I'll admit, I've never been a fan of change, I'm too much of a routine person.

But lately, there's so much change about to hit at once....

And I'm excited for it.

Think, in the next three weeks..... I'm staring straight into the face of four AP tests. After I finish those, I have two weeks left of school before I graduate and never go back

Just think....

23 days until my last day of school, 27 until I graduate, 109 until I move to college, 113 days until I start my first class.

It'll be here so fast.

And it's a little freighting, I'll admit. Living away from my mom and dad for the first time? What isn't scary about that? I mean, I love my parents, a lot. .

But, I'm excited too. I'm in love with my college (SHSU, in case you forgot) and today I got to pick my dorm.

I promise there will be plenty of pictures once I move in.

Change is coming, and it's coming fast.

But for once, I think I'm ready for it.


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