a war between me and I

I'm a mess. I'll be the first to admit it, but lately, I feel like I've been more of a mess. And it's all because of college. Seriously, senioritis is in full swing, I feel like going to school is a joke and my phone is counting down the day until graduation (63, by the way).

But, while I'm anxious to get the heck out of high school and start a new part in my life, I'm scared too. My two best friends are going to college together and are going to be roommates, and I know no one who's going to Sam Houston State with me. It's a little nerve-wrecking to think that the week I graduate, I have freshman orientation, and then in August I have Bearkat camp, which is spirit week.

The thing that gets me in the gut is the term "you'll make so many new friends!"

Um, do I get a refund on that when it doesn't happen?

I'm anti-social. Seriously, anti-social doesn't mean you're a loner and you hate people, it means you have apprehension about meeting knew people and prefer small groups to big groups.

aka, me.

And it probably doesn't hurt that I had a bad day at work yesterday, but right now I'm in a "f**k people" mood.

I blame that part on the PMS-y hormones.

I'm kind of just ready for this summer to be done so I can start on college already, I'm tired of waiting, of the excitement and the anxiety.

And, I swear, this blog will be a gazillion times more exciting with more on my life once I get to college.

Because of right now, it can be summed up into three things:

school, church, work.

Redhead out!


Riv Re said...

Argh. Totally sympathizing with you. I'm an introvert too, and the worst is when people say "What's wrong? Don't you like people?" And I want to say "DUDE. In SMALL DOSES. And when they don't JUDGE my social preferences. HINT HINT."
*ahem* Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of senior year. =D
(I'm going to wish you luck with college in around 60 days.)
And good luck with the people!

Brunette out. (<---Sorry, I had to. :P)

Simply Valorie said...

Hey, a Texan! I went to Texas A&M. :) I made friends and lost friends in college. Some days were way easier than others, and some days felt a lot like high school.

Trust me when I say that high school doesn't end when high school does.

I hated when people were all, "You'll meet your best friends in college!" Guess what? I didn't. I met my best friends in high school and four years later, we're all still very close, even though life has pulled us very far apart.

Go enjoy college. Try to become an extrovert. But don't forget your friends in high school - they might still be your best friends four years from now. Good luck! :)

Remy Hadley said...

I'm the same way. I DON'T hate people, their social interaction gives me massive anxiety.

Good luck with the rest of HS (I've been out going on 6 years now and I really, really don't miss it. Too much drama and just...crap!)

College is more or less the same mundane as HS was, just a lot more paperwork... or so I've heard. I've not gone, but my friends have and have graduated and basically told me that's all college is. (A veterinarian and a nurse)

But in any event, have fun and I wish ya the best of luck with it!! :D

Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

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